5 Signs You’re Ready To Leave Online Teaching Behind

Are you ready to leave online teaching behind for good?   1. You started online teaching because you thought it was your golden ticket to the Digital Nomad lifestyle. You aren’t particularly interested in teaching, but you thought, “I could do this, so I will.”   Is...

18 Ways To Go Remote In 2018

Going remote is the thing to do in 2018. And since remote work is our forte, we decided to share 18 ways that you can go remote in 2018.     1. Get familiar with remote work You can start by getting familiar with the different types of remote work out there. Check out...

Member of the Month Darlene

April’s Member of the Month is Darlene, a VIP member who just landed a full time, remote position as Customer Experience Specialist for TeamSnap. Before we hear from her, I’ll share the story of how Darlene started job searching, how she improved along the way, and...

Member of the Month: Sabrina

Our Member of the Month series is finally here! Each month I’ll be featuring a member (from any of the Remote Like Me memberships) in order to highlight their path to landing a remote career and what they did each step of the way to achieve their goal. Our first ever...

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Networking: Is It Really All About Who You Know?

The inspiration for this blog post came from YOU. Yes, you. Reading this right now. You, who is concerned about submitting a resume that stands out and actually gets a thorough look. I know how you feel! I felt it too back when I set out to get...

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Make Your Job Application Stand Out With A Video In 3 Easy Steps

Send a video application to your next remote job opportunity. You'll thank me later! I know you just rolled your eyes... don't lie. “Make a video? Forget it. Period.” Just hear me out. I'd never teach a strategy that I haven't tried and been successful with myself....

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Remote Work Guide To Medellín

Remote Work Guides I’m very proud to announce that each month I’ll be publishing a new remote work guide featuring different cities all over the world. I have lived and worked in many cities on different continents, and it’s time to share the best working spots,...

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Turn Facebook Conversations Into Job Offers

How To Turn Facebook Conversations Into Job Offers Are you implementing the steps that it takes to find a remote job using Facebook? Maybe you’re following the guide I created for finding a job with Facebook groups. Are you having success? Are your messages just...

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How To Start Working Online Without Using Upwork

How To Start Working Online Without Using Upwork If there’s one thing I hear over and over from my Remote Like Me members, it’s that they’ve wasted time job searching with Upwork, only to find out that the opportunities are fake, low paying, or just low quality. Now,...

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How To Find Your Dream Job On Twitter

Hashtags, tweets, retweets, oh my! To the average person, Twitter may seem like a place to gawk over celebrity arguments, but to a hustler, it is a gold mine of possibilities. Using Twitter is the easiest way to reach companies, make connections with influencers, and...

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Surviving One Month Without A Phone: Five Lessons Learned

Today I will have a phone again and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I'll be very excited to have it back but on the other hand, I've learned so many lessons from going phone free for the past month. Although this was not a choice I made, (lost it at a...

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How To Find Your Dream Job On Instagram

This is the true story of how I stumbled upon my dream job on Instagram. In April 2016 I had no money, no remote work experience, and absolutely nothing to lose. I was happy as a clam living in Antigua, Guatemala but bartending was exhausting and didn’t financially...

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