What exactly is that dream job we all talk about? Growing up, most of us are made to believe that a perfect job is a role with full time hours, a competitive salary, and benefits. But what no one tells us is that the perfect job is whatever we deem valuable to our own lives. I’m grateful to have made this realization in my early twenties, while others may not until later in life, or perhaps never at all.

So what is valuable to you? Is it a competitive salary? Is it health care benefits, paid time off? Being able to work from home? Guaranteed travel? What do those things really get you in the long run? Let’s break em down.


Yes, there are companies who pay a competitive salary and treat their employees very well. If you have this right now, congratulations! If you don’t, let’s think about this. What is your salary getting you? If you are being paid to do work that does not fulfill your passions, just to live in an over-priced area, take a long commute, live only for the weekends, and use your income to pay all of your bills, what is that cycle really doing for you? Are you at this job because they fairly compensate you or have you just never checked out any alternative jobs in the industry (like remote work)? Are you at this job because your parents told you this was the best salary you could possibly get? Or worse, are you at this job because you want to impress people with your status and money but it leaves you feeling empty inside? Here are some other things that mean a hell of a lot more than money:


When the salary is not what you expected but the benefits are superb, you jump for joy, right? That’s the dream- health care, paid vacation time, sick days, holidays, and a retirement account- or so they told you. Health care will always be important so long as you live in a country where the premiums are high and the coverage is scarce. But what if you worked remotely, living in a country with a great healthcare system? Paid vacation time sounds like a blast, but is usually limited to two weeks and you don’t get to choose when you take that time off. A retirement plan allows us to plan for a future but why should we wait? We should be creating experiences of a lifetime now!

The worst part is that most of you reading this already feel some type of disdain for your current job. Since when did it become normal to dread waking up? When did hating your job become a rite of passage? Waiting for Friday at 5:00 PM is no way to live. Let me help introduce you to a new normal.

Real Value

So what are some other ways that companies provide value, offering you the perfect position? What is valuable to YOU is what will make it perfect for you. Here are some of the things that MailerLite does which make my job perfect for me:

1. Remote Work

We have a distributed team of diverse people, that all contribute to the worldly vibe at MailerLite. I have teammates in Lithuania (MailerLite HQ), Poland, Ukraine, Ecuador, Philippines, and Thailand. We are all travel addicts, so we work from anywhere at any time! Right now, I’m in Colombia and one of our designers is in Spain, a customer success manager is in Latvia, and our team manager is in Italy. The leaders of our company travel extensively but still run a high functioning remote team. The support and encouragement while working from just about anywhere.

2. Flexibility

It’s almost unheard of to be able to take time off whenever you need. MailerLite follows one rule regarding time off: simply let the rest of the team know in advance so that the other teammates aren’t overwhelmed with work. This means that I am not forced to take a random two weeks off whenever it is convenient for me boss. One of my colleagues was even able to take an entire month off to do a 870 km trek along the Camino Francés. This flexible approach to time off is not only awesome for when I want to travel to a remote beach but also for when life hits you with the unexpected. When my father had an unexpected surgery, I was able to take half days off from work to be by his side while he recovered. When my grandmother started chemotherapy treatments, I had the ability to schedule my work day around that and this flexibility allowed me to support my family. To me, flexibility is where the value of a job lies.

3. All-Expense-Paid Workations  

Not only do I get to choose when I take personal time off but my company also takes us on vacation twice a year. A workation week is a paid vacation for our team to get together for some work, play, and learning time. Each year, our company plans a spring and a fall workation and the locations are always unique. If you’re not sure what a workation might look like, check out this article on our company blog. Last year, I joined the team in Lithuania and enjoyed the most spectacular week of my whole year. We got to travel in different parts of the country, host amazing parties, learn from industry professionals, try new sports, and brainstorm on how to improve MailerLite in the coming months. Next month, we will have the chance to do it all again- but this time, in Morocco! These incredible experiences are fun but also productive. Because the team leaves workation feeling motivated and ready to implement our ideas, huge improvements take place quickly. It’s a win win for everyone. Financially speaking, workations double the value of my salary. But the real value of these trips is working and traveling with people who genuinely inspire you to be a better person.


Our company culture is what makes me completely psyched to work every day. I can see some of your eyes rolling at this very moment. How is it that anyone can be that excited about work? It’s true! When you enjoy the people you work with and how they make you feel, there is nothing torturous about your workday.You might be wondering how it’s possible to “click” with every single person in the company. We all have different personalities, hobbies, ways of learning, communication styles, etc. but MailerLite makes sure that everyone we hire and invite onto this team thrive within our company culture. Our motto is, “Collect moments, not things.”  We like to have fun at work while creating brilliant ways for our customers to have a better product experience. We encourage each other and ideas that are worth spending time on, and we take interest in each others lives. Once a month, we hold an online catch-up meeting. It rarely relates to work and this practice helps us celebrate each other as people. I am fortunate to work for a company that understands the value in how its employees feel, act, and relate to one another in our virtual workspace.

5. We ARE the company

There is nothing worse than a boss or manager who creates an us versus them scenario in your work environment. It’s refreshing when everyone feels equally important to the team and the direction of the company. Something that we do at MailerLite is pitch ideas for the team to take on as projects.I truly appreciate having my voice heard when I make suggestions on how to make our product better. This is something that I never got with any other job I had. Here at MailerLite we ARE the company, we contribute to the direction we’re going in, we create the updates to our product, we decide when things need to change, and we are the face of our brand. This keeps me highly motivated and constantly inspires me to improve the quality of my work.

Now, take a second to consider this: What would make a job perfect for you? Jot down a few things that would make your job more exciting, less stressful, and truly valuable. Think of it as your dream job value list but instead of hanging it up on the wall, actually go searching for a job with these qualities! Companies that hire remotely typically offer more of these values than location dependent jobs. I encourage you to explore what’s out there because you deserve a job that makes you more than just money.

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