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Hashtags, tweets, retweets, oh my! To the average person, Twitter may seem like a place to gawk over celebrity arguments, but to a hustler, it is a gold mine of possibilities. Using Twitter is the easiest way to reach companies, make connections with influencers, and yes… job search. You can find anything from full time remote work, to project based gigs, virtual assistant contracts, or local office positions. Your dream job is out there, but did you ever consider that it might be hiding on Twitter?

Here are some simple and effective ways to job search on Twitter.

Mini tip: Do these searches with a pen and paper next to you to write down notes. If you’re a digital note keeper, have a document open to record your thoughts and links to check back later.

1. Search hashtags.
Go to the top right hand corner of your twitter feed and type in one hashtag at a time into the search bar. These are very similar to the hashtags I recommended to search on Instagram in the last post. Here are some examples to get started:










You can get more specific to what industry you’re looking for:





Searching one hash tag at a time, scroll through the results pages, with an eye for companies that you like, hiring posts, and articles that give information about companies who hire remotely. If you like what you see, click to open their Twitter handle in a new window. That way, you can keep your spot in the results list for later. Check out the page and if it is a company, go directly to their website and look at the careers, jobs, or about page. That’s where any open positions will be listed. Write down which positions you are interested in and if there are none open, jot a note to check back in a few weeks. Go back to your results list, and continue scrolling. As I said in the Instagram training, these things take time. There may be some Tweets on the results page that are not relevant to your search. Don’t get frustrated, just keep going.

2. Search for Twitter lists.
Twitter lists are feeds of posts that relate to a certain topic, chosen by the creator of the list. You can subscribe to these lists or be added by that person. Either way, all lists are completely searchable if you know where to find them. They’re not as hidden as you think! Simply think of an influencer, brand, or person you know that posts about the topic of remote work, the industry you’d like to be in, or the lifestyle you’d like to live (for me, this is entrepreneurship or digital  nomadism). I will use Gary Vaynerchuck as an example.

Gary Vaynerchuck, Twitter, profile
On the top right of their profile there will be a tab called “Lists.” There are two columns inside this tab: “Subscribed to”, and “Member of.” Click to see which lists this Twitter account is a member of. When you see the title of a list that interests you, just like a hashtag, click to open this list in a new tab. Don’t waste your time on lists that have less than 100 contributing members. Scroll through the list following the instructions just like in step one. Remember, take notes to keep yourself organized.

3. Follow websites that post remote jobs.
There are certain websites that post remote job opportunities on their website, in newsletter form, or even straight to Twitter. One example of this is @weworkremotely. There are plenty more like this that will come up in your “Who to Follow” box on the right side of your screen once you start following accounts related to remote work.

4. Repeat these steps for best results.
Yes, there is a learning curve. Like I always say, these avenues for finding remote jobs are different and it may take some time to get a hold of how they work. If you give up after an hour of trying, you’re not giving yourself or Twitter the best chance possible. Step away for a day (or a few) and come back to it. Twitter will suggest better accounts to follow each time you search for remote work there. Let the system work for you.

Let me know how this method works for you and if you need any extra help, refer to the training video on the Remote Like Me Facebook page.

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