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How To Turn Facebook Conversations Into Job Offers

Are you implementing the steps that it takes to find a remote job using Facebook? Maybe you’re following the guide I created for finding a job with Facebook groups. Are you having success? Are your messages just getting ignored? Do you spend hours talking back and forth with someone about a job on messenger but it never moves past the inbox? I’m here to help.

There are some specific strategies you can use to successfully land the remote job opportunities that you see posted on Facebook. As most of you know, in addition to running Remote Like Me, I do freelance writing on the side. Most of these opportunities are ones that I snatch up on Facebook. So why do so many of you get ignored or never receive the job offer after chatting in messenger? And why do I get the job offer or at least move to the second round of the application process right away?

Here are my tips for getting noticed and turning your Facebook conversation into a job offer.

– Like their Facebook page (if it’s a business or public figure).

– Send a friend request or wave hello.

– Comment on the post (do NOT say “interested,” you will be ignored). Simply let them know that you have sent them a message to discuss further details.

– Send a private message following steps 1-5 below.

– Immediately ask for their email address to take this conversation off of messenger.

– Start with statement of gratitude for the opportunity and state the group where you saw it posted.

– If it’s been 3-5 days or the post has gotten over 10 comments, it might already be filled. Open up with, “Have you found a candidate to fill the role of _____ yet? If not, I’d like to apply.”

Here’s an example of a situation where I succeeded in turning an informal opportunity that I saw in a Facebook group, into a steady writing job for an extra income stream.

  1. I saw a job posting for freelance blog writers inside of a Facebook group. The woman mentioned that she wanted to hire reliable people, who could write about tech topics, with no fluff.
  2. I commented on the post saying I would message her promptly.
  3. I sent a friend request.
  4. I sent a message that contained a compliment on the amazing content that was already up on the blog, an honest remark that we would work well together because I’m all about the “no fluff” as well, and a pitch. I immediately pitched her an article topic and asked if she’d like it by the end of the day.
  5. She agreed and I asked to move the conversation to email so we could discuss delivery of the article and invoicing.

I’ve been working with this woman on a freelance basis ever since. I usually pitch and write 1 or 2 articles a week for the blog, creating an extra stream of income, and a handful of published work that I can use for future freelance job applications.

Try these strategies the next time you see an opportunity and see how your success rate improves. If you’re still not able to get past the preliminary conversation on Facebook messenger, it’s time to take a look at your wording, your own Facebook profile, and your mindset before sending that message.

To be completely honest, there will be times that you do everything right and the person just got flooded with too many applicants or they really weren’t serious about finding someone to fill that role via Facebook, and you never hear back. I know it can be disappointing but don’t let it throw you off your game. Continue applying and networking on social media until you land that remote job of your dreams.

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