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Make Your Job Application Stand Out With A Video In 3 Easy Steps
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Send a video application to your next remote job opportunity. You’ll thank me later!

I know you just rolled your eyes… don’t lie.

“Make a video? Forget it. Period.”

Just hear me out. I’d never teach a strategy that I haven’t tried and been successful with myself. Video introductions are a great way to apply to remote job opportunities. It’s how I got my first remote job with 0 experience.

Luckily enough, the company I was applying to work for actually asked for a video introduction explaining why we should get the job. I say luckily because if not, I would have never submitted a quirky video, gotten the job, inspired so many others to work remotely, launched my business, and be teaching these strategies to you today. Now that I know how effective these video applications are, I suggest it to everyone no matter if the job description asks for it or not.

*Please note: some countries have policies against including a video or photo in the hiring process in order to avoid discrimination. Check to make sure your country allows this (most do).


Videos can serve as the main application (if requested by the employer), a quick introduction accompanied by a full application, or in place of a cover letter accompanied by a resume. You choose!

Now, I don’t want you to just submit a slapped together video on the next application you send in. I want you to completely nail this strategy with a few simple tips. Here’s the breakdown of how ANYONE can make a great video application.

3 Simple Tips for Creating Your Video Application


1. The Set Up

Don’t try to be fancy, don’t wait until you’re cruising on a yacht with a beautiful sunset in the background, and don’t try to be something you’re not.

Simply choose a brightly lit room with minimal audible, outside noise. Sit down in a chair so that you don’t fidget too much and the camera is focused mostly from the shoulders up.

Also, wear a solid color shirt without any distracting designs on it. This is the best setup for your video.

2. Recording Your Video

This is the easy part. Choose a device like your phone, computer, or a GoPro where you can easily record your video with decent quality. It does not have to be perfect. When I did mine, I used the PhotoBooth camera that comes on a Mac laptop. #WhateverDoesTheJob

You can set up a sheet of paper behind the camera with 3 bold points on it so that you don’t lose your train of thought while recording.

Lastly, do not edit this video too much. If you want to add something like your name in the bottom corner of the video or trim off the beginning and end when you’re pressing the record button, that is fine. However, do not edit clips together. It’s obvious, looks like you’re trying to make a professional video, and does not come across as authentic. The whole point of the video is to show the company your personality, unedited.

3. What to Include

Shoot for a 60 second video (unless the application asks for longer). I’ve seen some applications ask for 3-5 minute videos and even then I still urge you to shoot for only 3 minutes. You know your own attention span isn’t even that long! Hiring managers will be more attracted to short, concise videos that don’t make them think too long and hard about you.

State your name, age, and where you live. If you’re traveling full time, state your current city and where you’re headed next. It’s a good idea to start out with why you want to work for this company specifically. Research the website beforehand so that you know why this company is a perfect match for you.

Then go into 3 reasons why they should hire you. One of these should be experience based with specifics, one should be skills based, and the other can be about personality. If you want to watch me do a quick example that I made up on the fly, click here.

The woman who hired me specifically said that my personality showed through the video, I was effective with my words, and I seemed fun to work with. BOOM. I landed the interview… with 0 experience.

Now, of course you’ve got to feel confident enough to make this video in the first place. While reading this you might have felt:

  • Fear of failure/embarrassment
  • Doubt in your abilities/experience
  • The “who am I to…” syndrome
  • Anxiety over this whole thing
  • Straight. Up. Panic.

If any of these barriers popped up for you while reading this, join me for The Mindset Makeover. It’s a 5 day challenge designed to completely overhaul your current mindset and give you the skills, tools, and confidence to land your dream job online! We begin on Monday. Come play!

Have you ever sent in a video application? Have you thought about it but haven’t had the guts to actually do it? Or is this the first time you’ve heard of this option? Let me know in the comments!

Looking for additional help making your application stand out? Try the Remote Like Us membership!