Four people from the Remote Like Me community landed jobs this week. Congratulations ladies! I asked them to share the steps taken in order to land their positions, so that we could show you exactly how to succeed. They were all so excited to share how it’s done! Their stories are incredible proof that with the right strategies, time, and effort, anyone can land their dream remote job.

Head of Content,The Content Castle

Cici joined the Remote Like Me community a while back and started benefiting from the group immediately. She saw a job ad posted in the group, and decided to check out the opportunity. There were many candidates, but only Cici was offered the position. How did she find a way to stand out in the crowd? Keep reading.

Upon finding the job post in the group, Cici dug deep into research. She said, “I really like to familiarize myself with the company before applying. I did some research on the owner, the company, the role, the location and what all of that would entail. Then I worked on my cover letter and resume, tweaking my original to fit the needs of the company and highlight my experiences that complement their needs.”

Superstar alert! Cici set herself up for success by doing thorough research on the opportunity and then customizing her application to the job description. But what really solidified the job for Cici was nailing the interview.

“The Skype interview was great. I felt like we clicked immediately, Cici said.” Beyond personally connecting with the person hiring her, she made her weaknesses work for her. Whenever there was a doubt in her abilities, she gave examples of why she was still the best fit. She explained, “Although my current position was my first “real job” outside of college, I grew in that role by showing initiative, willingness to take on new projects, etc. She is looking for someone who can problem-solve and innovate without the need for her to answer many day-to-day questions or give a bunch of daily directives. Through examples, I showed her how I could fill that need.”

That’s how someone with only a bit of experience can prepare, apply correctly, and nail the interview to land a job like this!

Account Manager, Lead Cookie

Heather’s success story starts with her decision to become a Weekly Roundup member. She purchased the membership for just $19.99/month to receive hand curated remote jobs in her inbox. Heather also watched my free training videos and implemented my tactical tips for job searching, applying, and interviewing. After 2 months, Heather found an amazing opportunity, applied correctly, and as of this week has accepted her remote role as an Account Manager with Lead Cookie.

So what exactly do I mean by “apply correctly?” Well, Heather has never been an account manager before, but realized that her skills as a software business analyst matched the job description. Heather said, “I thought about your bartending story when I applied, so I went for it.” Read that little story here and learn how to qualify for jobs with little to no experience.

What Heather did next was so good, that she received not one, but TWO job offers (a non-remote job at a software corporation, and the remote job offer). She read this blog post by Aha about cover letters and changed hers from wordy and long, to short with bullet points.

Thoroughness pays off. After reading the job ad 4 times (no joke!) to make sure she included everything, she needed to get out of her comfort zone a bit. The company asked for a 2 minute video, and even though she hates doing videos, she did it! When I asked if it was incredibly hard for her to do that she responded, “No not really, I wrote 4 points based on the topic/question they selected. It had to be 2 minutes or less. I goofed up a couple of times, rambling or forgetting my points. So I retaped it 3 times. In the end it wasn’t perfect but it was close enough. It wasn’t fancy, I just used iMovie on my iPad.” This is the can-do attitude that leads to success. Remember, when it comes to video applications, done is better than perfect.  

Heather then prepared for the interview by checking out people on LinkedIn, as well as researching the company website to better understand their needs. Woah! Talk about being thorough!

I asked Heather why this application lead to a job offer, as opposed to job she’s applied to in the past. After giving it much thought, she said, “I think it came down to two things. I really think it’s fear, and perspective.  Even now, I’m questioning myself about not selecting the “safe” option with the corporation.  I think we subconsciously sabotage ourselves.  We don’t feel good enough so we don’t highlight our strengths in the cover letter, app questions or interview.  In my last two submissions, I got really clear about what I wanted, and decided that it didn’t matter what other people thought about my path. With my 2nd last submission I was rejected, but I got a great letter back from the company saying that I would be a great fit for them, but the role really needed customer churn background (which I didn’t have, and can’t even relate to any of my skills).  With both job applications, I looked at my skills, and aligned them to the job opportunity.  Instead of looking at just my experience, I looked at the skills gained within that experience, and related them to the job.  From a technical point of view, the winning submission had a video, which the rejected submission didn’t include.”

I couldn’t have said it any better. Heather’s story is an incredible example of how you can strategic moves in the application process make such a huge difference! It’s up to you to put in the work.

Sales Development Rep

Lizzie’s story of triumph actually starts with, what seemed like, a missed opportunity. She had just was turned down a location based job because she was in the final selection process for a role at a remote company. However, when she didn’t get selected for the remote position she was hoping for, she made a bold move that landed her a job offer!

She explained how it felt at first. “For that initial hour or two after I got the call that I didn’t get it, I was upset and kind of shell-shocked. But I had talked to one of their Account Executives a few weeks before who told me to be persistent and that he had actually gotten rejected first but then hired after tweeting the VP of Sales. So I started thinking about how I could do something similar. I came up with the idea of sending the “cold” email in a yoga class the next day haha, obviously doing great at clearing my mind.”

Networking with people who already work inside the company before or during your application process is one of the key things that I teach! Lizzie said she got the idea to do it, “partially from the Remote Like Me group and partially from having a dad that worked in sales and lectured me about how networking is everything.” (Shout out to Dads!)

She used LinkedIn to connect with a current Account Executive. Simple right? She said,  “I sent him a request on LinkedIn and just put in the message that I was applying for a role and saw he lived in Denver as well. We also had a mutual connection, but that was also someone I connected with while on my job search and didn’t know personally.

I was really surprised when the person actually responded to my request, I had never done that before. But I repeated it with another company and got an interview there as well! Honestly I think that reaching out the Account Executive was the most important thing I did. Even though I got the initial interview request before I actually met him, I know he reached out to the hiring manager before I interviewed with her and gave me some great insight to the company that was useful in my interviews.”

What Lizzie did next is beyond bold. Buckle up. Take notes.

Lizzie didn’t just walk away after being rejected. Instead, she sent two cold emails. The first was to the hiring manager thanking her for the interview and reminder her that she had interest in any future opportunities that might come up. Class act! I’ll let her explain the second email. Prepare to be mind blown.

“The second one was a long email in list format. I researched their chief of sales and read a list article he wrote on LinkedIn and so I referenced that and then wrote my own list saying why I’d be a great fit for the role. I chose to do that one specifically because the reason I wasn’t hired was a lack of outbound experience, so I chose to showcase my cold emailing skills.”

Lizzie’s business savvy, paired with courage and an attention to detail landed her a remote role with this dream company! She’s living proof that when you feel like giving up, do something bold. Stay in the fight. Be your own hero!

Social Media Intern

Shanece just landed a Social Media Internship with Remote Like Me! Of course I know how she succeeded with this application… because I’m the one who hired her! Here’s the short and sweet of it.

Shanece followed the instructions of the job description to a tee (I asked for a specific email subject line and a short introduction instead of a cover letter). She used this small opportunity to address the goals that I have for the brand, her personal passion for the mission, and even threw in a new idea at the end. It really impressed me to see that she was already developing ideas that would help the brand grow.

Her resume stood out from the other applications I received for a few reasons. Take a look for yourself.

  • The design and overall look of the resume showed me that my social media accounts would be in good hands.
  • The small details like “What I’m Reading” showed me a bit of her personality.
  • The About Me section was used wisely, showing me what she brings to the table and how she improves brands like mine.
  • The Office Setup section made me comfortable, knowing that she’s prepared for remote work and communication.
  • The Skills section is filled with tools that prove she is tech savvy.

During our brief phone interview, Shanece asked great questions, told me about her ideas, and assured me that she’s done the things I would delegate to her. We clicked, the entire conversation was natural, and it was a no brainer for me! HIRED!

With the success of these 4 women in mind, what will you do differently this week? Landing your dream remote job IS possible. I will give you the opportunities, guide you through the best approaches, and encourage you when you want to give up. But ultimately, it’s up to you to get there. Start making some bold moves; start seeing success!

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