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Member of the Month: Sabrina
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Member of the month: Sabrina

Our Member of the Month series is finally here!

Each month I’ll be featuring a member (from any of the Remote Like Me memberships) in order to highlight their path to landing a remote career and what they did each step of the way to achieve their goal.

Our first ever Member of the Month is Sabrina, a VIP member who just landed a full-time remote position as a Project Manager.

Before we hear from her, I want to give a little insight as to how Sabrina got started looking for remote work, how she improved along the way, and finally achieved her dream of working remotely.

Sabrina’s super power is networking, on and offline. She’s great at turning acquaintances into deeper connections professionally and personally. When she first joined the VIP group, she was looking at jobs that she could do such as customer support and assistance. She was struggling to find something to fit her skills and opened her mind to other opportunities with people that she trusted. As soon as Sabrina flipped the switch and focused on networking with her known and unknown connections, she got the ball rolling. Sabrina was being referred left and right, doing trial periods with companies to see if there was a future opportunity available, and impressing every employer she came in contact with! Because of her stellar effort, ability to nourish professional relationships, and build rapport with people in multiple industries, doors started to open up everywhere!

Up until now, Sabrina has had several part-time roles at once like Customer Support, Social Media Assistant and Marketing Assistant. She worked hard in a part-time role for EHLION Language Consultancy and was rewarded for her efforts with a job offer for full-time Project Manager. She still supports her other roles a few hours a week as she’d like to keep those relationships alive and well.

Wondering how she got to this point and how she lives her remote lifestyle now? Find out by reading below.

member of the month

Full Name: Sabrina Erna Hilburger
Age: 29
Current Location: Barcelona, Spain (current homebase)
Superpower: Networking

Full-Time Remote Role

Marketing Assistant & Project Manager, EHLION Language Consultancy

  • Freelancer (40 hours/week) I support and organize different departments as Marketing Assistant and Project Manager.

Other Remote Roles

Customer Support Agent, Sundance Family

  • Freelancer (a few hours per week) I support the customer’s needs and clean up the ticket system.

Social Media Manager Assistant, VAcility 

  • Freelancer (1hour/week) I support VAcility to research articles and get a description with hashtags to post on Social Media for one of her clients.

What was your life like before working remotely? What has changed?

My life was normal. As most people, I was used to working from Mondays to Fridays in a typical 9 to 5 job. Often working on holidays, bank holidays or on weekends as I was a Call Center Agent in the Customer Service department. I felt like an unimportant number and very replaceable.

Now I am not just a number anymore. My clients appreciate my brainstorming, my work and my qualities.

I can organize my day as I want to, as long as I reach the targets and deadlines.

What was one thing you learned from Remote Like Me that helped you to go remote?

Take action and try to find the job searching approach that suits you.

Why do you enjoy the VIP group so much?

I enjoy the VIP group because you get special treatment on the group calls and even more support by the members as you already get from the Remote Like Me group. I just LOVE it!

What is your favorite part about your remote career?

Being able to work in my pjs all day long!

Now that you can choose your work environment, how do you work best?

Actually, I am a long sleeper and it’s hard for me to get up ‘early’, but because of the full-time Project Manager and Marketing Assistant position, it’s good to have constant pressure to structure my day. This way I am more productive. I love to work from home, from my sofa or my desk. I cannot concentrate and be productive surrounded by many people or in a busy environment (because I love to chat with other people).

What’s your favorite tool that you use to run your freelance career?

Toggl! My live safer! I love this time tracking tool! Otherwise, I would be lost counting my time by watching the clock all the time.

What’s your go-to late night snack?

Oh, I have an all-rounder… bread with Nutella!!! That’s always good when you’re on the go.

What do you do when you want to spend some time away from your laptop?

I am pretty lazy and – let’s say – married to my sofa and my TV/Laptop! I love to watch YouTube or movies. But I also love to meet up with friends offline for a change.

What advice do you have for others looking to go remote?

Don’t try to be perfect! Be you – You are wanted, trust me!

My specialties, for example, are personal connections online and offline.

Member of the month

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