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When searching for a remote job, there are many strategies that can lead you to find your dream position with a remote company. One of the most popular strategies is to use online job boards, filtering through tons of jobs to see if your perfect match is there. But let’s be honest: you don’t have hours on end to spend finding a job, especially when you’re still working your full-time office job in the meantime. I see so many people lose time using, or rather MISusing this strategy and it drives me nuts!

Let’s talk about how to properly use online job boards for an effective remote job search.

Use (mostly) Remote Job Boards

My first piece of advice is to quit searching huge job search engines and regular job boards. Stop using your time to filter through location dependent jobs to find just a few remote jobs available. Instead, search remote job boards. Yes, they exist! I’m ready to tell you all about the remote job boards you need to be using. When you search on completely remote job boards, you’re eliminating the need to filter through location dependent jobs that don’t excite you. However, there are still some regular job boards that I use daily. For instance, I like searching on because their other features are awesome (employee reviews of each company, salary transparency, etc). It’s easy to type in Work From Home as the location, so this is one of the exceptions to my rule.

Get Industry Specific

Remote job boards are a better use of time than regular job boards, but industry-specific remote job boards are even more time effective! Wait, there are remote job boards that focus on individual industries? YES, and I’m about to give you an encyclopedia filled with details about each one. If you’re in the nonprofit sector, it’s time to visit a remote job board specifically for nonprofit jobs. If you’re an educator, use your time wisely by searching on remote job boards that only post education positions. The more specific you can be, the easier your search will be and the less time you’ll waste using this strategy.


So what industries have job boards? And which ones are worth your time? Let me tell you about some of my favorites!


I’ve helped tons of people find and land remote jobs in a variety of industries, so I’ve come across a few lackluster job boards in the past year. I’ve also found some stellar job boards that no one knows about! Here’s the mega list of remote job boards per industry. Enjoy!




My fave: Edu Jobs

More about this job board:

Edu Jobs is a library of recently updated remote jobs for Educators, Educational Designers, Consultants, Writers, Researchers, and Practitioners. The jobs range from freelance to full-time employment. There are listings from small businesses, worldwide companies, and companies who prefer remote workers in the USA or from a specific state. Lots of variety!

  • Pros:

    – The site is updated quite often.

    – There are many options for candidates with higher education (Masters or PhD) as well as candidates with a Bachelors degree.

    – The listings include direct apply here links.

    – The site does not require a sign up in order to use it.

  • Cons:

    – I’m not sure who is in charge of this great job board. The listings are posted by someone named Peter. So… thanks Peter! (whoever you are)

If you have experience in the education industry, check out this job board!



Customer Support

My fave: Remote Ok

More about this job board:

Remote Ok is a job board with many different categories, but I love their list of customer support jobs. This is what I would use over anything else if I was looking for customer service type remote positions.

  • Pros:

    – This list is pretty extensive with all of the latest jobs available.

    – Apply here button is at the bottom of each description.

    – You can see when each job was posted (how recent it is).

    – Run by NomadList (reputable).

  • Cons:

    – NONE!

Others: Support Driven,



My fave: Remote Work Hub

More about this job board:

Remote Work Hub is a fabulous job board with many categories. Their Marketing section is perhaps the most extensive with the greatest quality of positions. I’m permanently logged into this job board because I love it so much. Many of the jobs that I hand pick for the Weekly Roundup come directly from here. If you’d like to receive the roundup for just $19, signup here!

  • Pros:

    – Amazing jobs posted here (I mean it).

    – Features 2-3 sentence summaries of each position for quick reading.

    – You can see if there is a country/continent restriction before reading the entire job ad.

  • Cons:

    – Sometimes non-marketing jobs slip into this category accidentally.

    – You need an account to view entire job ad with details, but it’s FREE!

Remote Work Hub has many helpful resources for remote job searching on their website.

Others:, Inbound, Growth Hackers, Hubstaff Talent



My fave: Power To Fly

More about this job board:

PowerToFly is a job board run BY women FOR women. Their focus is to open the doors for females in tech. I love their mission and their job board is always up to date! Now, this isn’t just for programmers and developers. Tech jobs can be any role supporting technical operations or products, such as Customer Support, UX (User Experience) Research, Sales, and Product Marketing. The list goes on! For example, one of the most recent jobs posted on this board is Head of HR for a Saas company.

  • Pros:

    – Lots of jobs!

    – Easy to find remote jobs out of their list (click on the square that says Remote Jobs in the lower right-hand corner).

    – They even run a Facebook group called Ladies Promoting Ladies in Tech + Digital + Beyond.

    – They have a list of “Companies Who Care” with details of tech companies who hire females, offer perks like childcare or flex hours, and include maternity leave.

    – The site is full of resources for job seekers, like their blog category “Career and Interview Tips.”

  • Cons:

    – You’ve got to sign up to apply for the jobs posted here (IT’S FREE THOUGH).

Overall, this job board ROCKS! Get on it!

Others: Remotees, Stack Overflow,,, Github

Writing/Editing/Content Creation

My fave: Freelance Writing Gigs

More about this job board:

Don’t be put off by the name of this job board. Yes, there are freelance jobs here but full time and part time positions are posted as well. Pay attention to the location column. There are sometimes location specific jobs thrown into the mix.

  • Pros:

    – Great quality and VARIETY!

    – The site does not require a signup in order to use it.

    – Direct apply here links or directions for applying.

  • Cons:

    – It’s small so don’t rely completely on this job board for your search.

The website also has industry tips and tricks for writers! Check out their entire site.

Others: Online Writing Jobs, ProBlogger,



My fave: Dribble

More about this job board:

Dribble is much more than a site for creatives to go to for professional inspiration. It also has a killer job board! The postings cover all types of design jobs like UI, UX, Graphic Design, Product Design, and Web Design.

  • Pros:

    – This job board is updated often.

    – The site does not require a signup in order to use it.

    – Direct apply here links.

  • Cons:

    – NONE

As a creative, Dribble is one of the coolest websites to indulge in. Listen to the podcast, read the blog, or join the community.

Others:, Vitamin, Remotely Awesome Jobs, Github


Various Industries

Want to work for magazines, digital brands, and media sites? I found this job board gem on the Hustle Juice resources list for finding remote work! See what else they’ve got here.

Ed 2010

Looking for legal work?

Law Clerk

Want to work at a startup?

Angel List

Want to work at a nonprofit?

Remote Mission (Okay, this is a newsletter – not a job board. But you need this in your inbox!)

Interested in Virtual Assistant/Admin jobs? or Working Nomads


If you still don’t know which industry you’d prefer, or your industry of choice is not one listed above, please check out these general remote boards. I use these exact job boards to scout out jobs for my clients and to list on my Weekly Roundup each and every Monday. If you’d like to receive the roundup, sign up here for just $19.



Remote & Travel Jobs

Remote Work Hub

We Work Remotely

Job Rack


My Work Hive

There are WAY more remote job boards than this list but these are the ones I recommend spending time on. If you’re wondering why Upwork is not mentioned here, please read this blog post.

Please Note:

Searching remote job boards is just one way to find remote jobs and only a small portion of jobs available are actually posted online. If you’d like access to the 4 others strategies that are proven to get people like you hired, click here to register for the Start Working Online course. It’s your one-stop shop for finding and landing a remote job, ASAP! It’s very important that you don’t rely solely on remote job boards, and this course will teach you how to network for your industry, strategically search for a job that you’ll love, find multiple remote jobs from just looking at one job ad, and so much more! Sign up today.

Do you have any additions to this list? Let me know which job boards you love in the comments below.

Don’t see your interest listed here? Check out this in-depth list of other remote roles you could explore.