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Member of the Month: Ashley - Remote Like me
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January’s Member of the Month is Ashley, a Weekly Roundup member who just landed a full time remote position as a Program Manager for an amazing non profit organization. Before we hear from her, I want to give a little insight as to how Ashley got started looking for remote work, how she improved along the way, and finally achieved her dream of working remotely.

Wondering how Ashley got to this point and how she lives her remote lifestyle now? Find out by reading below.

Full Name: Ashley Smith

Age: 29

Current Location: Ocean Springs, MS

Remote Role(s)

Program manager for a non-profit. Side hustle freelance work doing social media marketing.


What was your life like before working remotely? What has changed?

Before working remote I was juggling a lot of negative emotions. Fear that I would have to leave another traditional position next time my husband’s job moved us. Homesickness for my family back in Texas without a lot of vacation time and missing family events. Sadness that I might have to give up volunteer work I loved because I was working 2 states away.

While I am relatively new to the remote workforce, I am enjoying the freedom to work from home… or home. I’ve been able to fit in my life back in Texas with my current life in Mississippi. Added to that the fact that I am working for a non-profit that I am passionate about, life is so good.


What was one thing you learned from Remote Like Me that helped you to go remote?

Remote Like Me was a huge toolbox for me. Taylor and the community were full of useful information that gave me the support I needed to make this life change. An example of this toolbox coming in handy was using a video cover letter. The position I was applying for called for a good public speaker, and I pulled the idea of a video cover letter out of that toolbox and it was so useful. It wasn’t a tool that could work for every application, but it dovetailed perfectly for what they were looking for.


Why do you enjoy being a Weekly Roundup member so much?

I loved knowing that I would get a whole selection of new jobs to look at each week. Perusing through these listings broadened my search and helped me realize some of the different things I was interested in.


What is your favorite part about your remote career?

My favorite part of my remote career is that I found meaningful work using my unique set of skills. I’ve always been the type to do work I am passionate about and I love that I found a way to use my skills to make a difference.


Now that you can choose your work environment, how do you work best?

I’m still in the learning phase of finding my best work environment, but I love having my little home office in our sunroom. I get plenty of vitamin D and I’m looking forward to the summer to see more greenery. I try to mix it up once a week and get out to a local coffee shop I love. Those little breaks keep things fresh and focused for me.


What’s your favorite tool that you use to run your virtual career?

This is super lowkey, but I love Google! Our organization uses it for e-mails and calendars, and I love the functionality it has for documents. We are a smaller team, so it’s a good tool for us.


What do you do when you want to spend some time away from your laptop?

My free time is split between volunteering back in Texas and traveling with our #skoolie, #BettyTheBus. We have slowed down our travel for the winter and my job search, but come spring we will definitely be spending more weekends exploring our neck of the woods. I’m excited that we’ll be able to do more trips and I’ll be able to keep working on our adventures! Feel free to check out our past adventures and stay tuned for the next round on IG at @BettyTheBus


What advice do you have for others looking to go remote?

If you are looking to go remote, but you don’t have a specific plan in mind- take it slow! I maintained my full-time traditional job while taking online training, applying to lots of jobs, learning from the Remote Like Me community, and doing some freelance work. Since I still had a job, I never had to settle for less than what I wanted. It was a long process, but having the freedom to search and apply for the perfect job for me has proven to be my best bet. So if you are in a job you don’t love–don’t quit if you don’t have to! Focus on finding your best fit and use the RLM tools to become the be remote candidate possible.


If you’d like to fast forward your remote job search and land the job of your dreams just like Ashley did, join us in the Remote Like Me membership today!