If you are a Multipotentialite, you have probably gone your entire life thinking that as far as your career goes, this is a big weakness.

Has a recruiter ever told you that you are too scattered or too all over the place to be considered for the job you want?

Have you ever felt like there were gaps in your resume or that you just wanted to do all the things? (That’s a saying I always use because I consider myself to be a raging Multipotentialite and when people ask me what I do, I simply say, “All the things of course”.)

Have you avoided talking about your interests in interviews because you’re afraid to seem like you don’t have a main focus in your life?

The common belief amongst society, recruiters, and job seekers is that if there are too many different areas of expertise on your resume, you don’t really know what you’re doing and you won’t be a good fit for any one field.

This is just simply not the case – you know exactly what you are doing, and even if you don’t, you are the kind of person that is going to get out there and teach yourself! The employers that you want to be working for will see this, as long as you know how to present it as a strength.

Being a multipotentialite is a strength. The world needs more people like us. BELIEVE IT!


The strengths of a Multipotentialite:

  1. You can independently accomplish things without the guidance of others.
  2. You’re constantly teaching yourself new things.
  4. Do you find almost everything interesting; nothing scares you?
  5. You are relatable because you have so many interests and passions, you can connect and get along with SO many people. You have been there, done that and gotten that-shirt and people love you for that.
  6. Have you mastered more things than most people will even imagine trying in their lives?
  7. You have an entrepreneurial spirit, but you love the security of growing within someone else’s business, and helping them grow!


Remote employers need people like you on their team. Time to show them exactly who you are! The Remote Like Me strategy is to get ahead of your mental blocks, turning what you think is a weakness, into a strength.

Here’s how (step by step).

  1. It starts with you. You have to believe that this is a strength. I know, elementary. Stop trying to hide that this is who you are. This is going to hold you back professionally, it’s going to hold you back in relationships, and in every aspect of your life. Instead, embrace it. It makes you stand out. STOP HIDING IT YO. OWN THAT SHIT. How? By telling yourself this, feeling through everything, identify with who you truly are so that you can feel found, and stop trying to escape it.


  1. Show who you TRULY are. Remote employers are looking for people who aren’t trying to make work their entire life. They are looking for people with hobbies, people who have mastered other things with their lives, who can talk about other things, who have been places and have a worldly perspective. The biggest thing that remote employers are looking for is someone who is a lifelong learner. Because guess what, in the remote workforce, things change WAY faster than in the office. You have to learn new things each year. The online world is constantly changing.


Know that you are what remote employers are looking for and learn how to make that known on your resume. You need to use this positive language in your resume. Let them know that you are proud of the 7 different fields you have worked in and more importantly, let them know how each of those fields is going to help you in this field now.


  1. Put a power statement at the top of your resume or CV. It should only be one sentence that can take up one to two lines and really stands out from the rest of your information. What is a power statement? It shows the employer who you are, what you are and what you are doing here. In order to stand in your truth and use it as a strength, put the word Multipotentialite in this statement. The right person is going to light up when they see that and know that you are going to be the perfect fit for this role. You want an employer who picked you because of your unique abilities. Otherwise, you are going to end up being bored in 6 months and on the job hunt again. Members: If you’d like to see specific examples of how to include a multipotentialite power statement on your resume, I’ve made a bonus PDF. Check it out here.


Say it with me – We are not going to hide it! We are going to own it! If you follow these tips, you’ll soon start to see that being a multipotentialite is a strength. Use it wisely!


If you’re not a member and are completely lost on how to create a multipotentialite resume, get my specific help today. Order your resume overhaul and watch your resume sparkle!


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