If I could wave my magic wand and save you all the time and effort of making some common mistakes along this remote journey, I would! This is the closest thing I’ve got to a magic wand. Below you’ll find a list of the top 3 mistakes I see most often with remote hopefuls. I’ve also given solutions or ways to prevent these mistakes as you work towards reaching your goal.   Let’s get right into it!

Mistake #1

Applying to ALLLLLL the things. This is a one way ticket to frustration zone! Applying to everything just because it allows you to work from home is a NO-NO. Please don’t do this.   Applying to everything under the sun that has the word remote attached to it, usually plays out like this.

  1. You apply to everything that you can do, but it doesn’t mean that it’s right for you or brings you any joy at all.


  1. You don’t  actually land any of these jobs because

They are not alligned with what you want in life – You’re applying to too many jobs with crap quality of resumes and cover letters (DO NOT MASS SEND YOUR RESUME, PLEASE!) If you’d like to read some application dos and donts from the CEO of a remote company, read this article. – People can smell desperation from a mile away   or

  1. You land that job and realize you are just as miserable working from home as you were working in an office, so you end up job searching AGAIN within 6 months.

This is never the intention of the job seeker but this is what will happen. I know it’s tempting to apply to jobs just because you technically can do it… but that doesn’t mean you should be doing that role. Instead, make sure you are alligning with your lifestyle vision, career goals, and level of enjoyment that you’d like to have in your job. What kind of tasks make you feel accomplished versus completely drained? Have a sit down with yourself and map out a few of your ideal remote jobs with a description of why.

Then when you are job searching (just like dating) HAVE STANDARDS. Simple as that. This will save you from hitting that frustration wall and wondering why you’re not landing any jobs or only getting chosen for interviews that end up being the exact opposite of what you envision yourself doing in the remote workforce.

Mistake #2

You’re not doing the work.   Time for a hefty dose of realism! You’ve got to put in the work consistently, doing the tasks that matter, and being realistic about how much time it takes to see results. If you slack on any of those three components, you will not see results.

So what exactly am I talking about in these three areas?

– Putting in the work consistently means that you are not sporadically applying for jobs, networking, and fully prepping for interviews only when you feel like doing it. It means you’re doing the work on a consistent basis. This can be achieved by making a simple schedule to fit this into your busy week. Maybe you’d like to job search on Monday nights, after you receive the Weekly Roundup, then apply on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, followed by strategic networking or improving your virtual skills on Sundays. *Warning: Life WILL get in the way of you reaching your goal. Guaranteed. It’s up to you to put in the work on a consistent basis and not fall off track because life is inconveniencing you at the moment. Move forward, even if at a slower pace, and never give up.

– Doing the tasks that matter means working on things that will actually effect your results. Anything related to searching, applying, and interviewing falls under that category of things that actually matter. For example, are you hanging out in Facebook groups all day, encouraging others, being the teacher’s pet, and posting pictures of your to-do list, but not actually doing anything to get hired? How about using Facebook groups to search for remote jobs with a set timer? Another example is taking every free course available to you because you think that you need a ton of virtual skills before you can apply to anything. Such a waste of time! Let me tell you what to do instead. Look up remote jobs in your industry and if there is any skill or software that keeps coming up in the qualifications time and time again, but you don’t have it, take note. That is what you should improve upon. Save your time and energy for things that will directly improve your chances of getting hired.

– Being realistic about how long it will take to get results comes down to knowing your numbers. Lucky for you, I’ve got this covered. Expect to send in 20 high quality, customized job applications to get invited to 1 interview. Yes, 20. Until you’ve hit that number, please don’t expect to hear your phone ringing off the hook. In general, my hard working members can land remote jobs within 3 months. If you follow my advice and work it consistently, you can do this within 90 days. That should be your goal. Not next week. Aim for 3-4 applications sent per week, not 10. What happens when we have extreme expectations? We get frustrated easily and give up. Save yourself the emotional trauma. Set realistic goals for yourself. If you need help with that please reach out to me.

Mistake #3

Going it alone.   Yikes! Just reading that gives me the shivers. Going it alone is tough! If you’ve been thinking about doing this solo or have been down this lonely path until now, please reconsider. This is in my top 3 mistakes because it is a grave one. Luckily, there is an easy solution for this. Have a buddy or group of accountability partners while going through your remote job search. You can easily find people who are going after the same goal in Facebook groups.   The best one I can recommend is actually becoming a Remote Like Me member. I cannot believe the breakthroughs, commrodery, and support I see among my paying members. It’s one of the keys to success and we’ve got a lot of it! In the private community, people give feedback on resumes, prepping for interviews, support and encouragement when you get your first rejection emails, ideas on what kind of careers might be good for you, and accountability for reaching the final destination: remote work!   Please don’t go it alone. Become a member today and start reeping the benefits of working towards a common goal with like-minded people.

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