Going remote is the thing to do in 2018. And since remote work is our forte, we decided to share 18 ways that you can go remote in 2018.



1. Get familiar with remote work

You can start by getting familiar with the different types of remote work out there. Check out some of the remote job boards and see what jobs titles they have.


2. Clarify what type of remote job is right for you

Then you will have to clarify what type of remote work is right for you. You can do this by figuring out if jobs are full or part time hours. Also make sure you check if it’s an international job or in a specific time zone. Lastly you want to look for things like flexible hours, teams and anything else you might be looking for.


3. Change up your Resume

The next step in your remote journey is going to be Rebooting you Resume! Gone are the days of horribly ugly, word document resumes and in are the days of beautifully designed resumes that make you stand out from the crowd and land every remote gig you apply for! Learn how you can Reboot Your Resume for each application over at Remote Like Me!


4. Change the way you job search

It’s time to change the way you job search! While there are TONS of remote job boards out there, you should also be getting to know companies that you dream of working for and just searching their websites for career pages! (Most companies have these!) Check out our favorite remote companies here. They could be hiring right now!


5. Join communities that will help you out!

You do not have to go this alone! There are tons of communities out there – much like the Remote Like Me Community where you can get loads of support from over remote hopefuls! Some great ones that I recommend are Remote Mission, Digital Nomad Society Resources & Support, and The Nomad VA Freelancer Community.


6. Ask around

You never know who you know! Someone in your family or friend group could work for an awesome company that would totally hire you for a remote position! Sometimes all you have to do is ask.


7. Use social media to find remote jobs

Join some Facebook groups that post remote job opportunities! These are treated much like job boards but I think they are even better because oftentimes they are a smaller pool of people than a job board! I recommend Writing for Profit, Digital Nomad Jobs, or our group of course! Other social media platforms you could use to find a job are Instagram and Twitter. I give those full strategies right here on the blog.


8. Upskill

While I know it might be stressful to work your normal job and apply for remote jobs at the same time, you should probably also be finding time to upskill! Upskilling shows people that you are passionate and willing to put in the time and energy to learn something that will help you work for them! Talk about dedication! *Hot Tip: If you are currently in a course or certification program, put it on your resume as pending. Don’t wait until you’ve finished. Show you are working on your skills NOW.


9. Get inspired by other people who have gone remote.

The Remote Like Me blog has TONS of success stories so head on over just to get inspired! Sometimes a little inspiration is all it takes to light that fire beneath you!


10. Create some Video Applications

Not sure where to begin or don’t feel comfortable on video quite yet?! That’s okay! By joining the Remote Like Me family you can get access to video trainings that will help you make the best video application ever! This is a rising trend with the remote hiring process. Can you blame companies? They’re going to working with you virtually, so it’s best to show what you’ve got via video!


11. Spruce up your LinkedIn profile

And don’t even worry, there are some new settings where you can shield your current employer from seeing your LinkedIn profile so you can job search in peace! If you need an overhaul on your LinkedIn profile in order to get a job that you actually love, my dear friend Samantha Gardner has you covered.


12. Get some one on one serious help

You might be really busy and hating your current job and just need to hire someone else to help you apply, send out your applications and give you one on one coaching before your interviews! Don’t be afraid to admit that you need this level of help if you do. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can land a remote job and start LIVING.


13. Practice for those remote interviews

Grab a friend and run through some practice questions before your interview. Or better yet, grab someone out of those communities you joined and run through it with them! *Hot tip: You may be able to get some insider info about how the companies’ interviews usually go, by searching them on Glassdoor.com.


14. Get an accountability partner

This is a lot like having someone to practice interviews with. Go and hook up with someone who is also searching for remote work and hold each other accountable. Set times when you guys can chat about your goals, make plans and review each others applications for typos before sending them out.


15. Spice up that Facebook profile

Let people know what you do! You never know when your next remote job could be with one of your 1,000 Facebook friends who didn’t even know you had the skills they were looking for!


16. Practice working from home

You may not even realize it, but working from home takes practice! Want to be an ideal candidate for the remote company you’ve been crushing on? Become an all star remote worker that does not need to be trained when you join the team. Use Slack channels, do Zoom conferencing, file share using Google Suite or Dropbox, and track your time while does tasks with Toggl. The list could go on for miles! The best way to get prepared for going remote is to pretend like you already are.


17. Set a deadline goal for yourself

All goals need a deadline! There will be days when you do not want to network, when you’re tired of writing cover letters, or when you honestly just want to give up. Write a deadline goal for yourself (I recommend 3 months from now) and look back at that date when you get frustrated. Remind yourself what you’re working for!


  18. Don’t go it alone.

By signing up for a Remote Like Me membership you not only are taking the first steps towards your future, you are also choosing to stop going it alone! Let us help you by sending you weekly job emails, trainings on how to land the remote job of your dreams and some group coaching with a remote career coach, Taylor! It’s time to join the remote family!


That’s it guys. 2018 is your year! It’s your chance to get the remote job of your dreams. Go for it!


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