Are you ready to leave online teaching behind for good?


1. You started online teaching because you thought it was your golden ticket to the Digital Nomad lifestyle. You aren’t particularly interested in teaching, but you thought, “I could do this, so I will.”


Is this you? I have personally coached and spoken with so many people that are in this situation. I GET IT! Don’t be ashamed. You know how to take advantage of an opportunity, and you did. But now you’re stuck knowing that this is your only way of making a location independent income, and you’re spending every minute miserable – or at least disengaged.

Now, imagine you could be sitting at your computer with a different remote position. One with teammates, initiatives, collaboration, yes! Imagine you’ve actually chosen this career based on your interests and skills. Yes, it’s possible. But you have to be willing to take the leap.


2. You are always looking for extra ways to make money because your current salary is not enough.


You need more money. Point blank. You try to sell things online, bartend on the weekends, or do whatever you need to in order to scrape up money to go on a day trip or out on a nice date. You try to work overtime hours on your tutoring platform but it never adds up to enough salary.

This leaves you feeling exhausted in all areas of life. Newsflash – you don’t have to live like this! Find a career that is your proper salary, for the time you’d like to commit per week and stop stressing out. Kiss your money troubles goodbye! Take the leap towards a different remote career.


3. You haven’t actually traveled in a while.


You became an online tutor with the hopes of traveling the world. The catch is… the platform you work for only allows you to work in areas that have a certain speed of Internet available so your options are limited. You dreamt of country hopping through Europe, but instead, you’ve chosen one spot to settle down because the Wifi is strong enough.

Your friends ask you to visit other countries and you just can’t take the risk of not having a quiet room with a good signal. The last time you tried that, you weren’t able to complete your assigned classes and got penalized for it – not being able to work for a week! (True story of a friend of mine)

Other remote jobs are not like this, this is a sign you are ready to leave online teaching behind for good. You can do most of your work via email, doc sharing, and other tasks that don’t require you to be chatting with someone for hours upon hours in a day.

Personally, whenever I had trouble with my Wifi in the past, my former remote company would, “That’s alright. We understand you can only tune into our video meeting with your audio turned on.”  I could always get my tasks done, meet deadlines, and keep my work flowing. This allowed me to travel wherever I wanted. I want that for you!


4. You’re waking up in the wee hours of the morning to catch ‘priority hours’ for the Asian regions.


I have witnessed several friends work this schedule and it is grueling! How about choosing your own hours to work, within the time frame of the company’s business hours. How about being told, “As long as you get it done by the deadline, we don’t care when you do it.” Now THAT sounds like freedom.


5. You have always looked at this as a transition job. It’s never been your long term plan.


Great job! Now it’s time to transition. You’ve got plenty of skills now to work remotely. You know how to conduct video conferencing, manage your own schedule, keep track of data, work independently, etc. Those are great remote work skills that you can use to land a virtual career in whatever industry you choose.

I’m here to help! I’m running my targeted 30 day program, Not Your Average Teacher Training, for the second time this year. Back in February, we had lots of success in the group and I can’t wait to help more teachers like you fulfill their remote career dreams.



6. Your throat hurts from talking constantly.


Check out this page to enroll today.


You can either pay in full or request a weekly payment plan at 0 additional cost. Hope to see you in there!

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