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Beginners Guide To Going Remote - The Do's and Don'ts - Remote Like me
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One of the most common comments I get from remote hopefuls, is that the overwhelming amount of information and the fear of the unknown stop people from even getting started.

On the other hand, those who do have the confidence and determination to get started right away, often go in a thousand different directions, get no results, and quit early on.

So how can you be sure to get started on the right path of this remote journey?

Two words . . . Imperfect Action.

Now, you’ve probably heard this term before but now I want you to apply it to your remote job search. What would imperfect action look like in your journey to landing a remote career?

  • Taking one step at a time. When you feel stuck or overwhelmed because you know there are a million steps to take on this journey, try focusing on step #1. You may even get this feeling when you download the Beginners Guide to Going Remote, but I promise you… these are simple steps to get started. Complete step #1 before worrying about steps 2 and 3.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’re never going to feel 100% ready! Get used to it.
  • Take action in one direction for long enough to see results. Please do not try every strategy you read online and absolutely do not try them all at once. Use this guide to get started. That’s all you need right now.


I’ve created the Beginners Guide to Going Remote with a list of 3 quick Do’s and Don’ts in order to make your very first attempt as smooth as possible. Have you been making all the wrong moves but you just don’t know it? Have you been afraid of doing the wrong things so you’re stuck still not taking any action at all? I’m here to help!

Download your guide and follow the steps I suggest with imperfect action in mind.

Whatever you do, get started today. Now that I’ve given you the simple steps to follow, nothing can stand in your way! If you need a pep talk from me, be sure to check out the video training where I explain the first 3 steps on the remote journey here.



Download Beginners Guide To Going Remote