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Are you going to graduate from college in 2019?

Finding a job right out of University can be daunting, but we’ve got your back! Maybe you’ve considered telecommuting positions or heck – maybe you’re even a member of our Facebook group, Remote Like Me Community. The truth is that remote work is such an amazing option for college graduates to jump right into. The demand is high and you are the perfect generation to fill these job openings. Check out all of these perks of going remote right out of college.

Remote work can save you time and money!

Everyone knows that money can be tight while getting through University. But no one talks about how dry your bank account might look in the first year after you’ve graduated. A new job means commuting, a new business wardrobe, and work events where you spend money that you pretend to have. With a new job, your social life is likely to look just as dry! Not having the free time that you are used to in University can be a big shock. Everyone knows that money can be tight while getting through University. But no one talks about how remote work is a great solution to this problem! It can actually save you time and money.

First of all, you’ll save time by not commuting. You don’t have to burn up money for fuel, everyday wear and tear on your vehicle, more common oil adjustments, or exchange parking., All these small monthly financial savings can add up—at a time while the extra money is really beneficial.

Having a daily commute from just your bed to your laptop can spare you a few hours every day. It means that your eight-hour workday is really just eight hours, not nine or ten or even eleven. This leaves you with more time for yourself. That is the time you can spend practising at the gym, meeting your friends, making up for lost sleep, or simply unwinding.

Now that you know how much time and money can be saved by working remotely, let’s discuss some other perks that might not be so obvious.


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Create the positive lifestyle that you imagine!

In your first post-grad year, stress can ruin your positive mindset and even affect your health. Who wants to make stress induced visits to the doctor when you could be creating a healthy lifestyle that is supported by your remote career?

By working remotely, you can make sleep a priority, and that could help stave off small (and large) illnesses. Also, in place of dragging yourself into the workplace and potentially prolonging that nagging cough, you can take a wiped out day when you require it, “since you have the opportunity to modify your hours and work when you feel best.”

Contribute to a greener planet!

Hallelujah! By working remotely you will be contributing to a better environment! Many job seekers, eager to shrink their carbon footprint, say that having a positive environmental impact is one of the best benefits of working from home. From energy-related savings to helping to improve air quality, there are so many reasons to choose remote work and contribute to a greener planet.

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Remote work allows for more travel….duh!

Employees are most joyful when they have more freedom and opportunity. Without a strict office plan, you get to pick where you work. You can work from your home office, on a lounger, in a coffeehouse, at the beach.. you get the point! You are not fixed in or constrained by your geographic zone. This will give you the opportunity to travel around the world, exploring new cultures, expand horizons, and getting paid a different salary than what is possible in your home country.

Getting started is easier than it might seem

For individuals who have never thought to be remote work, the possibility of finding these occupations can be overwhelming. We’re here to take away all the stress of following the remote career path. Start your job search off easily with our 3-month roadmap to getting a remote job. You’ll receive the best remote jobs each week, go through training and PDF worksheets on how to apply, interview, and negotiate an awesome salary, transform your resume and cover letter, and get the remote job offer you’ve been dreaming of.

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