If there is one thing that holds people back from getting remote jobs, it’s their location… or so everyone says. Someone from Europe says that they can’t find any non US remote opportunities. Someone from Australia says that there are no available remote jobs in their time zone. Someone from Latin America says that even though they can speak English perfectly, remote companies will only hire native English speakers.

As a remote career coach, I hear things like this multiple times per day. But this time I asked the Remote Like Me Community for specific examples of their struggle to find remote employment from their place of residency. It’s time to face these obstacles head on. I’m here to tell you exactly how to overcome some of the barriers to remote work in each region of the world. When I say you can get a remote job from anywhere in the world… I really mean it!

Follow the tips for your country or region and then join us for the free masterclass on finding and landing remote jobs from anywhere in the world.


Are you from the UK and finding it hard to find any remote jobs that don’t say USA only? I feel your frustration. Most of you told me that you’re confused as to why the UK is not up on the remote job trend! While they may be slightly behind the US on this, please know that there are many reputable remote companies in the UK. You just have to know where to find them!

“Same with UK! A lot of jobs are American ones.”

“Surprisingly there are limited opportunities for remote working in the UK. I’m confused as to why! All opportunities I see are asking for US based employees.”

“The only true remote roles I’ve come across so far as the online teaching ones”

Here are some tips for finding UK based remote jobs. And no, I’m not talking about online teaching gigs.


Go to the jobs tab, Type “remote OR telecommute OR virtual” in the keyword search bar and “United Kingdom” in the location search bar.

Today I did this search and came up with more than 21,000 positions. Now, you’ll have to use your brain and filter out any non remote positions that are listed there by mistake and focus on the most recent listings. However, if the positions listed are not for your skill set, please don’t just scroll past them. Click on the company page and check out what other jobs they may have available on their website. Still nothing for you? But you love the company? Save it for searching at a later date.


If you’re interested in working in a charity related role from home, CharityJob is a perfect job board for you. In the location search bar, you can choose “Home-Based” like I did here today and see almost 100 recent listings.

Another tip I would give non profit job seekers is to sign up for the Remote Mission newsletter. This newsletter lists mission based remote roles or jobs with companies who are mission based. Because the founder Natalia has many connections in the UK, she lists many UK remote companies. I find a few good ones in here each month.

Escape The City

Have you heard of an organization called Escape The City? It’s a website dedicated to helping people escape their commute, boring city jobs, and office life for a more exciting role (sometimes flexible location, traveling, or remote). Most of the job opportunities listed are UK based, so sign up for their newsletter or check their job board weekly. All you have to do is press the Command + F keys and type “remote” into the find bar. That will show you all of the remote listings quickly. When I receive their weekly Top 10 Opportunities newsletter, I usually see one remote job in the list. If you’re open to traveling or flexible location jobs as well, just browse the entire list.

VA Starter Kit

Lastly, if you are on a mission to become a highly paid VA, get inside the Nomad VA & Freelancer Community on Facebook and enroll in Hannah Dixon’s VA Starter Kit. She’s originally from the UK and is a great mentor for VA hopefuls from the region.*This is an affiliate link




Even though Australia is on a different time zone than Europe and the Americas, there are still plenty of remote job opportunities in the APAC region. First, you’ve got to know that term. APAC refers to Asian Pacific time zones and many remote jobs that you will be able to land use that term in the listing. Most Aussies think that they are starting from a disadvantage. I understand your frustration and I’m here to help point you in the right direction.

Australia. I don’t know where to start.”  

“Australian companies are not really ready for remote work.”

“I’m from Australia and find a lot of the jobs I find are for USA or expect you to be available in USA time.”

Australian companies are ready for remote work and these are my tips for where to find them.

Remote Job Boards

As a remote job seeker in the APAC region, you’ve got to figure out which job boards are actually worth spending time on. You can use Remote Global or Seek and find jobs specific to your time zone, or any remote job board where you can search for opportunities available anywhere in the world.

Best Remote Companies in Australia

There are many blogs written about Australian remote companies, like this one called “Distributed Down Under.” Some big names that you might recognize on this list are Canva, Cloud Peeps, Appen, and Campaign Monitor. Time to check them out and see if any of the companies have positions that fit your skill set. If not, save the company website for searching at a later date.


Follow guides to finding remote work in Australia, like this one which includes remote employment and freelance opportunities.




In the past year I’ve become determined to help citizens of Latin America take their rightful place in the remote workforce. I live in Guatemala and see the potential of remote workers here, but the problem is that most people believe it is out of reach.

Most jobs are for US citizens. Those that are offered to the rest of the world sometimes pay close to nothing. Even if you speak great English and have the qualifications. ☹”

Beyond this belief, there are also ZERO resources for where to find remote jobs in this region. Let’s dive into some strategies for my Latin American friends who are looking for a remote career.

Find Latin American Remote Companies

Why? The answer is simple. You will have a better chance of landing a remote job using your native language than going for an English based role. Yes you can still do that. However, let’s start with the easiest tips first. Here’s a list of remote companies/jobs that are looking for workers in LATAM.

Next, it’s important to know which LATAM cities are up and coming in the startup scene. Most startups either are currently operating remotely or have the ability to. If you want to work with a startup, take a close look at Medellin, São Paulo, Panama City, and Buenos Aires, and Mexico City. Once you know this, you can google search for startups within those cities and see if they hire remotely throughout LATAM.

Customer Support Around The World

Lastly, search for online customer support roles using any of these job boards. You most likely speak Spanish/Portuguese and some level of English. This is a gateway into the remote world! Use it! We even have a Customer Support/Virtual Assistant from Latin America on our team at Remote Like Me. You can do it!





If you are from a small country that has a Digital Nomad group on Facebook, like Malta or Greece, take advantage and join it. Use these groups to network your way to a remote job. One of our associates on the Remote Like Me team is actually from Malta.

If you’re from Southeast Asia, the Philippines, or India, and are worried about getting paid low wages: remember to charge regular rates for the work you are doing, not your geographic location. Follow the success of two women, Evina and Lyra.

Evina is Remote Like Me’s Digital Project Manager who worked her way up from one or two Virtual Assistant clients, to working steady as a salaried employee Remote Like Me. She gets paid the rates that she’s always dreamed of using her creative skills!

Lyra was getting paid way below what her work was worth before getting my help. She was kind enough to share her story with the community:

“I haven’t been getting fair rates because I am from the Philippines. Most jobs even if it comes with a great responsibility will pay you less than $1000 just because I am from a third world country (seriously mostly are around $500-$800) and I stopped thinking that this is okay, I do the same job and even better sometimes yet I am not paid the same.

Then Taylor Lane comes along (hooraaay!) I joined her program and I realized I it was doing my job search wrong. That there is a better way in sending applications. and my dreams of being paid the same or in “international rates” is possible.”

People in Ireland looking to go remote, you are in luck!

I’m from Ireland! It’s very old fashioned… Dublin is the only place where jobs are available. Rent is too high. No sign of remote work…. thousands of people commuting hours each day”

There’s a new small Facebook group, Grow Remote, that is helping job seekers get remote work going in your awesome country. There are so many resources and people willing to connect there!

For residents of Germany and other European countries, you can use DNX Job Board and
Remote Job Solutions to do a more specific search.



Phew! Look at all of the possibilities! There are even more open doors when you learn how to utilize a special method of job searching called the Strategic Search. It’s the key that unlocks tons of personalized remote jobs for your location, interests, and skills. I’ve always taught my one-on-one clients how to use this method to land remote jobs and now I’m ready to show you FOR FREE. Watch the masterclass (live or replay) by registering here and get your Strategic Search on!


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