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Should You Pause Your Job Search During The Holiday Season? - Remote Like me
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An overwhelming majority of job seekers believe that December is NOT a good time to job search for many reasons. I’m here to bust this myth and prepare you for making December a month full of momentum for your 2019 career goals.

Remote career blogs have chimed in on the topic and Remote Like Me is ready to give our two cents as well. I’m going to address the concerns from our Remote Like Me community in two different sections: advantages and disadvantages to job searching during the holidays.


Amount of Remote Jobs Available

“I wondered if December would be a slow time to job search. Are people posting as many jobs and actively hiring during the holidays?”

YES! There is actually an abundance of remote jobs at the end of the year. Why? Companies may already know who they want to hire for the new year and are putting out the postings now, with hopes for a January start date.

I personally see how many remote jobs are out there each and every Monday when I curate the Weekly Roundup for my paying members. I go through niche job boards, Facebook groups, opportunities from my personal contacts, and look at the newest remote companies who are hiring, to pare down my list to about 40-50 job ads. December is no different than any other hiring month in the remote world. There are job opportunities galore! If you want to see them, sign up for the Weekly Roundup membership for just $19.99 per month.

But don’t just take my word for it.

FlexJobs writes in their article about holiday season job searching, “With most year-end budgets closed out and new year budgets set, many companies know exactly how much they can afford to pay new hires, and they know where to fill in gaps left throughout the past year as well.”

One community member reports seeing many new positions during the month of December.

Bottom line: There are many remote positions open during the holiday season!

“From previous experience December can be a gold mine. People start listing jobs for the new year and positions are getting ready to be posted.”

Not Much Competition

Think about your natural instinct to shy away from job searching and applying during the holidays. Now think about how many other remote job seekers are feeling that way. Take it even further. Now think of the amount of people who want to keep striving for their career goals during December but just get way too busy with the holiday season. That means that the competition for the jobs you’re applying to this month are considerably less. Be the one who takes advantage of this month by being consistent and applying to jobs with your best effort.

One community member told us that she was thinking of completely putting her job search on hold.

Luckily, she has us to help her out! However, most people won’t get this information and will have completely stopped applying until the New Year comes around. It’s your time to shine, with way less competition.

“I was going to put my job search on hold completely until the new year. I assume there are less hiring decisions made since employees are out of the office for the holidays/vacation through the end of the year. Is this an incorrect assumption?”

There are even career coaches out there who are telling job seekers to stop job searching this month and network instead. Newsflash: networking IS half of the successful remote job search approach You can definitely network during the holidays and come out with some big career wins. Which brings me to my last point for advantages…

In Person Networking Opportunities

There are tons of in person networking opportunities, aka PARTIES, coming up this holiday season. So put your career cap on and start making bold moves. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Holiday parties are for laughing with your family and getting way too silly off of that bowl of pink punch. But I’m talking about the parties where you might meet new people or be in a different environment than your norm. THIS is when you want to have your career in mind.

Still can’t imagine yourself bringing up your job search at a holiday get together? Simply be ready to answer the question, “What do you do?” with your remote career desires instead of just your current situation. Explain what you currently do and then end with, “but I’m really looking forward to entering the remote workforce in the new year. Have you ever worked from home?” This can be a great way to see if there are some career connections for you at this party.

Take this great tip from The Muse career blog. “Whether it’s tagging along with a friend to her company’s holiday party or chatting with an uncle you haven’t seen in a long time, there are tons of opportunities for you to meet new people or let your existing network know about your career plans.”

Of course you might be wanting to unwind and relax during your holiday fun, but you’ll never miss an opportunity by simply being prepared to speak about your career goals. You’ll thank me later!


Delayed Response Time

When I originally asked community members why they were concerned about job searching in December, many people referenced holiday parties and vacations slowing down the hiring process.

“Is job searching harder in December? And if so, how much harder? People are on vacation. It’s Christmas. Should we put more effort into searching at this time?”

While the facts are true, people do take vacations and companies do throw holiday events, these are not reasons for pausing your applications this month. What the facts should tell you instead is to have PATIENCE when waiting to hear back.

If the regular response time after sending in an application gives you anxiety, you’re going to have to be a bit more flexible during the holiday season. Don’t expect a super fast response because it’s true, the entire HR team may not be there to review your application, someone may be delaying your interview date, or the company may be too busy prepping for it’s holiday bash! Try to relax and expect longer wait times to hear back. Keep your sanity!

Virtual Networking May Get Quiet

Although face to face networking will be at an all time high during the holidays, virtual networking will take a hit. If you have not been hearing back from your reach outs on LinkedIn, don’t get discouraged.

People who do come online as the holidays approach, will most likely be focused on friends, family, party plans, and sharing those moments with the world. They may not be as likely to answer a message from a job seeker who is looking for more information or someone in their industry who wants to connect.

Does this mean that you should stop all virtual networking attempts? Nope! Keep on going! Just try to have less expectations and results. Again, this is for your emotional and mental health. Nothing is wrong with you and your personality. You may just get fewer responses this month!

 You can easily adapt to these slight disadvantages to the remote hiring world during the month of December. It’s all about being flexible. If you find yourself going crazy (refreshing your email inbox every 20 minutes hoping to see an interview invitation), then spend time upleveling your career skills on a relaxed timeline.

Relish in the fact that you’re preparing yourself to hit your 2019 career goals of working remotely.

You’re not waiting. You feel ahead of the game. You’re going to get your new remote job in the beginning of the new year by getting all of your ducks in a row NOW. You go girl!

Enroll in the No Bullshit Road To Remote Work course, taking your time with each section, knowing that by the end, you’re going to be attracting amazing international remote companies, finding incredible opportunities (not just scrolling through job boards), and standing out with a resume that gets results! You can plan your 2019 career goals without worrying about the HOW. I’ve got your back!

Oh and that Weekly Roundup of 40-50 remote job opportunities that I mentioned before? You get one free, most recent, edition of that life changing list when your purchase the course. Go for it! Your new remote job awaits you.

Now that we’ve gone over the pros and cons of job searching during the holiday season, can you see yourself staying consistent throughout December? If you do, I bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be the one doing a victory lap with your new remote job offer when we reach the New Year.

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