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The Only Social - The bible for all things travel, remote work & business - Remote Like me
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What’s the secret sauce to building a career that you can do from anywhere?   


I’m not just referring to Facebook groups and local meet-ups. While these are great tools to have, there are other communities out there that you can be utilizing more.

There’s one company, in particular, I’d like to draw your attention to – The Only Social.

It’s a women-run, online publication that shares travel stories, insights, and resources for the digital nomad community. This team of creatives puts forward interesting perspectives on all facets of long-term travel: the fulfilling life as a freelancer and remote worker, as well as all the problems that come with the nomadic lifestyle.

The Only Social produces informative, round-up content like workspace guides, destination pieces, and curated travel essays – with topics that touch on the more serious and challenging side of life, such as the financial and mental struggle of transitioning into a remote lifestyle and the socioeconomic issues arising from mass tourism.

If you are well versed on the topics that impact your remote life, and are connected to others experiencing the same lifestyle, you’re much more likely to succeed (and have fun along the way)! That’s why The Only Social has become an invaluable platform in the digital nomad space.

Their whole ethos is centered around empowerment and helping their readers to navigate through the stressful and sometimes lonely moments in travel… and using those lessons to become more fulfilled workers, business owners and humans.

You’re probably wondering, who is behind The Only Social?

Well, there’s a few of them, but the one and only? Daphne Lee.

Daphne is a freelance writer, editor, and photographer based in New York City. In 2016, Daphne left New York to embark on her first big adventure in South America… and has stayed on the road for two years. I actually met Daphne while we were both living in Medellin, Colombia for a few months. She instantly impressed me with her drive and befriended me in no time!

In 2018, Daphne returned to New York with a vision: to create a platform that explores both the triumphs (and tragedies) of travel and building a genuine community while doing it. I’m so proud of the amazing online entity she’s created.

If you appreciate art, travel stories written with soul and a community that inspires you to take action to start your own remote business, bookmark The Only Social. Just make sure you’re not close to Google Flights — you might find yourself booking a spontaneous one-way trip.


Check out the RESOURCES tab of The Only Social for Daphne’s picks of Digital Nomad platforms, blogs, and freelance marketplaces. We’re honored to be the #1 resource listed.

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