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VIP Member Success Secrets - Remote Like me
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Click here to watch Taylor interview these women in “VIP Member Success Secrets.” 

Let’s celebrate another four successful ladies from the VIP membership, who just landed their dream jobs! Congratulations ladies! Wondering how they got to this point and how they live their remote lifestyle now? Find out by reading below.

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Operations and Production Manager for a Men’s Fashion Brand

What do you do as a remote worker? 

My remote job encompasses running the daily operations behind a men’s fashion brand. This includes emails, calendar scheduling, data pulling, spreadsheet creation and production planning. I also have to keep track of all customer orders and make sure they are invoiced properly.

What is your favorite part about your remote career?

My favorite part about working remotely is that I feel like I am now in charge of my life and doing something for myself and not just to benefit another company or person. I feel like each day I work towards my goals as well as the goals of the people I am working for. I also truly enjoy the schedule and not wasting time in traffic.

What was one thing you learned from Remote Like Me that helped you to go remote?

Remote Like Me taught me that there are so many opportunities out there and that I just need to keep applying until I find the right fit for me. Also, it showed me the skills I needed to create a great remote work resume, to apply properly and to interview remotely. Lastly, Taylor is a huge motivator and an amazing mentor. When you see her smiling face so excited about these jobs, how can you not be excited too?

Why did you enjoy being a VIP member so much?

Being a VIP member allowed me access to so much helpful content that helped me to keep going until I found the remote job of my dreams. Without being a VIP, I think it would have taken me a lot longer to get organized, learn the skills necessary and start applying to jobs that I was interested in.


Customer support for a company that provides website services on WordPress.

What was your life like before working remotely? What has changed?

I worked full time at a non-profit where I followed a strict 8:30-5, 12-1 lunch, 2 15 minute break day. If I had to leave work during the day or late to work because of my kid’s school events, meetings or anything else, I would have to stay late to make up the time.

My boss wasn’t fond of anyone talking to each other during the day, so we stayed quiet messaging each other during the day. I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to grow, and I was pretty miserable.

Also, as a mom of 2, it was tough at times dealing with them being sick, school events and just being able to be with them more. I relied on others a lot to help me pick the kids up and care for them.

Now that I work remotely, I see them a lot more and my schedule is more flexible, so I can pick up my oldest son from school myself, instead of relying on others. I am able to be there for them without guilt when they are feeling sick.

How was the hiring process? What were some difficulties that you had to make it through?

It was a very long hiring process – about 3 months from first interview to official hire! It started as completing a small project, followed by an interview via text chat. Then another small project, followed by another interview via text chat. After that text chat, I was offered a 5 week trial period where I would do the actual role. From there, I received feedback about my work and was able to known if this was something I enjoyed doing. After that trial period, I was offered one last text chat interview and was officially offered the position.

What was one thing you learned from Remote Like Me that helped you to go remote?

Stand out! Especially with your resume and cover letter. Before Remote Like Me my resume was just text on a white background which probably didn’t make me stand out much. I learned so much about standing out in those two things which I believe helped me go remote.

Why did you enjoy being a VIP member so much?

The support from Taylor and the other members. It was very motivating to hear everyone’s stories and keeping each other from giving up. Also, learning from others and being able to get feedback!

What advice do you have for others looking to go remote?

Always find a way to stand out from the other applicants. Be creative in your cover letter and your resume. I can definitely vouch for that. Also take advantage of the trainings and advice from Taylor because she knows her stuff! When you find a role you think you would be a great fit for, see if you could find any information about it online. Check out Glassdoor too to see what other people think about the company and the role you are going for. Be an online detective. Check instagram and Facebook too. Find company hashtags and see if current employees are posting anything work related to see if you can get an insight about the culture and if it is something that you resonate with!

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Business Doula – working alongside entrepreneurs as they dream up their big ideas and through the implementation phase (or reinvention!)

What do you do as a remote worker?

I do vision + strategy sessions to create a roadmap to implementing their vision. Helping them to create stages in which they will offer classes, write a book or open a brick + mortar shop. I also help them create tech solutions that free up their time to continue creating, like setting up a CRM, automate email, responders, etc.

Where did you find this remote role?

I began searching for a full-time remote job in October of last year by signing up for the VIP membership with Taylor. It was so incredibly helpful to learn all about this world of remote work. I have been self-employed for 10 years with the last year being employed at a nonprofit. With my role ending at my current job, I had the inkling I wanted to again work for myself but really wanted to explore the idea of a paid role with a remote company. I overhauled my resume (THANK YOU TAYLOR!) and sent it off to a few open positions. I was talking to some friends about this idea of remote work and through friends and acquaintances, I picked up my first few gigs doing VA stuff, social media mostly. I was talking to a friend about the idea of using my skills as a birth + postpartum doula and translating that to working with female entrepreneurs who might be struggling in their own business. I wrote a few blogs about my own personal struggles with depression and anxiety as a self-employed gal, and BAM, I was hit with nearly six email right away of gals I know wanting to hire me to help them in their business. This led to a few one-off projects for website upgrades, a couple of strategy sessions, and this regular project management gig I have now.

What is your favorite part about your remote career?

It’s important to me that I have freedom in my career. I may not always be self-employed, but I want to always be remote. I want to be able to have the balance in my life that allows me to connect with others on a personal level, to be a parent who gets to experience more of my child’s life, that I can protect my health and continue to heal and be healthy. I joke that I’m going to retire part-time, because I get to choose the work I want to do, live a life outside the office from 9-5, and be a participant in my life!

What was one thing you learned from Remote Like Me that helped you to go remote?

Real talk from Taylor in RLM made it really click in my brain that people DO get real jobs working remotely. It’s the real deal! It’s not a gimmick, MLM, or teaching english online at 3AM. Taylor gives you a loving kick in the ass to realize that the life you want to live working remotely is absolutely achievable.

Why did you enjoy being a VIP member so much?

I LOVED the group members who shared all kinds of great information. It was great conversation without it being competitive. There is abundance in the world for us seeking a different kind of lifestyle, and we can help one another rise, we can celebrate the wins, and support the losses of one another. I knew I wasn’t alone in knowing I wanted something different and the VIP group helped open a whole universe of work out there for women like me.


Full time Project Manager at The VGC Group and Part Time Project Manager at Sea Foam Media & Technology.

What do you do as a remote worker?

I manage teams and making sure that everyone meets their deadline, gets the support they need. I also create and implements systems, manage client communications and relaying information to the team, often times, I also QA their work.

What was your life like before this job? What has changed?

I was already working remotely prior to Taylor’s program but I am paid at a lower rates because of where I am from. While in Taylor’s VIP program I was accepted into the Content Castle, and was able to get a job that pays me “US rate” even if I am from Asia and I was also able to get myself a raise with the first job.

What is your favorite part about your remote career?

I don’t feel like I have to take a leave just to go places because I can always take my work with me. I also like the idea that I can take as much jobs and projects as I can, that means, I can increase my income. If you are living in the Philippines, it’s very uncommon to get multiple jobs because your 9-5 will consume your whole day. I also like working in a cafe, in my couch with my dogs. I am able to have more time with my mom as well because the time is somehow flexible.

What was one thing you learned from Remote Like Me that helped you to go remote?

Being more confident and being EXTRA in my job applications. Her modules also taught me to apply smartly.

Why did you enjoy being a VIP member so much?

I love the weekly round-ups and exclusive VIP group. Ohh, I miss that group! Hope we can have a group for the alumnis in the future.

The membership doors are open until January 13. Don't miss out!

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