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Didn't Get The Remote Job You Spent All of 2018 Searching For? Here's What to Do Now! - Remote Like me
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You spent most of 2018 searching for a remote job that would allow you to work from home or travel the world. Right now you are rolling into 2019 thinking it was one big waste of time.

You feel angry at yourself for believing that it was possible. You are even receiving “I told you so” messages from friends and loved ones. They want you to go after a “regular” job now. You feel so defeated that you can’t imagine jumping on the remote job search horse again.

Yet… here you are. Reading this blog post from someone you trust. You know that I’ve helped tons of “regular” people like you get hired remotely and you still have a glimpse of hope left that you too can have a success story of your own.

Yes! You can! I’m here to tell you how. I get what it’s like to try and fail multiple times, never experiencing proof that somehow you can make it. I also get what it’s like to put all of your focus into the RIGHT strategies and see an incredible turn around. The comeback of the year! That’s going to be you!

Permission to believe in yourself: GRANTED AF.

Now, if I truly believed that getting back on the horse after feeling defeated were that easy, I wouldn’t be writing an entire blog post on how to do it. So let’s get into some specifics.


Start from a place of alignment and you’ve got it all.

Okay, so how?

Go back to the roles that didn’t work out for you. Take a good hard look at the description, the company, the profile of who you’d be reporting to, their reviews on Glassdoor, etc. 

Then ask yourself: Was this role in total alignment with the real me that I am job searching for?

I am guessing somewhere, deep down, you know that those opportunities were not fit for you. They could not have been in complete alignment with your lifestyle desires because they did not come to fruition.

“What if I felt really connected with a job and I almost got it but didn’t get chosen at the end!”

Listen to me. There was something (or many things) that the hiring team knew about the position that you were unable to detect. Whatever it was, was not aligned with what you want to be doing, who you want to be surrounded by, or the person you want to become. It may not have been apparent to you, but trust that.

Leave all unaligned opportunities behind. Heal from the past thoughts that there was something wrong with you. Leave the past in the past. Get ready to start over… completely! I really mean it. Make a break in your mind from the job search you conducted so far and this new year. You will now be job searching with alignment. It’s a whole other playing field.


The next step is to trust that what is in alignment with your true desires will come to you, as long as you commit to allowing it into your life. Be the remote worker that you want to be now and you will find your remote role a lot quicker. Trust this. Allow yourself to get matched up with the right role. And let all others fall by the wayside. They’re not right for you and where you’re going.

Trust that the women that have succeeded in the VIP membership recently all described their job offer similarly. They said that it just felt right. All of the sudden everything lined up, fell into place, or came together. Different words all meaning the same exact thing: they were aligned with those opportunities. That’s why it felt good! That’s why it didn’t feel like pushing or molding themselves into a certain category to fit the description.

I want that “just right” feeling for you too. I know you can get there.

Start with alignment and you’ve got it all.

“What if I don’t know what’s in alignment with my true desires?”

In the VIP membership, I have systems in place so that you can first uncover who you are really job searching for. In a very honest worksheet, I walk you through describing the person that you are actually job searching for. Then I encourage you to commit to only the things that align with that person. Nothing less.

I also have an exercise called The Deep Dive. I entitled the accompanying video training “Making career transitions that makes sense” but what it boils down to is getting in alignment with your career and having the sense to follow that path.

What’s more; you can enlist the help of women who have walked this path before, or are currently moving through the same phase, in the private VIP community. The answers to alignment come about so much faster when you’ve got to communicate them to others in a safe space. We keep each other accountable for finding what we really want and walking away from things that don’t meet those standards (ultimate alignment). 

Thinking of joining? Fabulous! Click below or Keep reading.

Encouragement from other women who are in the process of starting their remote careers, private group training, resume and cover letter makeovers, plus much more! Usually, members get remote jobs within 3 months and then spread their wings to fly on their own. 

Get the weekly roundup everyweek on Mondays and gain instant access the entire members area with video trainings on topics like searching, applying, and interviewing.

The Weekly Roundup is a list of over 40 hand picked remote job opportunities. These jobs include full time, part time, contract, freelance, and one off project work, worldwide.

My Personal Commitment to Alignment

My big vision for 2019 is to create an army of radical remote job seekersWhat does that mean exactly?

I envision women from all around the globe, discovering who they are really job searching for. They write it down and commit to it. They post it in our private VIP community to make sure they’re held accountable as they start to be bombarded by opportunities that are not in alignment.

I envision these candidates attracting remote companies with their authentic selves that shine through their online presence. They are sifting and sorting through what feels most aligned to them until they narrow it down to a few opportunities. They are keenly aware of when something feels “off” in the interview stages. They decide to focus only on what feels good for their alignment and leave the rest right where it is. These women align with remote job opportunities that are fulfilling, well paying, and fun!

This vision of mine doesn’t have an ending. It continues on and on, with more and more radical alignment. The VIP membership becomes a safe space for women to come seeking much more than just a work from home position. They come to find alignment. I simply show them the way.  

Will you personally commit to your alignment this year? Remember, alignment is not your final destination… it’s actually your starting point.

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