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How Lynn Went Remote - Remote Like me
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Name: Lynn Hulver

Current City: Mansfield, Ohio (Next: California + Mexico!)

Remote Role, Company Name: Remote Coach + Goal Specialist for Noom

This case study is the step-by-step process that Lynn went through in order to go from working freelancing gigs she wasn’t passionate about to working remotely for a popular tech startup in the wellness industry.

Lynn was kind enough to go through the details at every single stage of the job search with me, including finding this dream job, preparing to apply with a standout resume, networking with other people who already were working for the company, contemplating other job offers, nailing her interview process, and signing her contract.

The visual case study will allow you to see how one successfully lands a remote job that aligns with one’s authentic lifestyle desires. It is Lynn and I’s deepest hope that you take action after realizing that you can do this too! All you have to do is have the courage to start and follow the plan that is laid out for you.

Are you ready?

Here we go!

Lynn’s Job Search Timeline

Over the course of 7 weeks, Lynn went through the specific steps necessary to land a remote job. As you can see in the image on the left, she started with watching the free masterclass and setting herself up for success.

Let’s break down each step further and hear from Lynn herself, on how she overcame obstacles to reach her remote work goal.


If you want to watch Lynn and I go through all of the documents you’ll see in this case study, LIVE on screen, come join us in this special event. On Wednesday Feb 27th, at 8pm Eastern, we’ll take you on a behind the scenes journey of what it’s like to go remote. 

We’re going to zoom in on the tough parts, the emotional ups and downs, and get way more detailed than this timeline we’ve provided here. RSVP to watch live or catch the replay. Come in the event and ask us questions as this info pertains to your unique remote work goals.

See you there!

Now, back to the case study below.

When Lynn heard I had a free masterclass, “How To Find And Land A Remote Job You Love” she jumped right on it.

Q: Why did you watch the masterclass?

A: “I actually hired Taylor in July 2017 when I was first learning about the whole remote work and “digital nomad” scene. I had no idea there was someone out there who helped girls land remote jobs! The first time I worked with her I went remote in 30 days, so I knew the process worked. This time around, I was really looking to transition from freelance/ independent contractor gigs to something full-time and stable. I signed up for the masterclass as a refresher for how to apply to remote jobs.”

Q: What did you come away with after watching that?

A: “One of the biggest things it helped me remember was how many ways there are to search for remote jobs! I think people automatically go to job boards, but there are so many amazing hacks Taylor  teaches on how to find legit job listings. I had lots of takeaways from the class, but that was my favorite one.”

I encourage all of you to get the best start possible by watching the free masterclass. What’s even better? We’ve added a free workbook to go along with the video so that you can create your action plan as you watch. It’s electronically fillable and really easy to follow.

Lynn purchased the No Bullshit Road To Remote Work course so that she’d have a plan to follow. In the first two modules of the course, Lynn learned how to find remote jobs that are aligned with her.

Q: How did you find most of the remote jobs that you applied for?

A: “As previously said, I think when people are searching for remote jobs they automatically go to job boards (which I run from). Honestly, my favorite way to find remote jobs is through Google. The main niches I was searching for were travel companies, startups, and health/fitness companies, so when job searching I would go to Google and type “health/fitness companies AND remote jobs”, “travel companies for millennials”, “telecommute AND fitness jobs”…. as many variations as I could! I applied for more than just fitness and travel companies, but I tried to look for those the most as those were the areas I really wanted to work in. Once I found a company I liked, I would go to their career page and see what their job listings were like. Then, I would go back to Google and type in “companies similar to xyz” which would pull up more lists of companies that I could skim through. I found great positions that weren’t posted on job boards (aka way less saturation and competition).

My second favorite method was the Guavabean Freelancer FB Group. They post quality positions every day and also send out a weekly newsletter!”

Ugh! Resumes! The hardest part that nobody wants to do. It all looks ugly/boring and when your done, you feel like you don’t really amount to anything… sound familiar? I feel your pain guys. That’s why I advise to use Canva.com to craft customized resumes, pulling keywords from the job ad to show that you are a good fit, and humanizing your resume with lots of personality!

Q: What did you change about your resume?

A: “Umm….everything? Haha! I look back at my old resume and cringe. It was the standard black and white list format and didn’t show any of the value I could bring to the table. The resume reboot was another favorite part of the course. I started from scratch on Canva and turned it into something I knew I’d want to look at if I were a hiring manager.”

Lynn’s resume transformation was amazing! It got her several interviews within weeks of starting the course.

Want to see a before and after?

Want to go remote like Lynn? Yes?!

Register to the FREE Masterclass now!

This FREE masterclass takes you through the 4 Simple Steps to Discover the remote job you’ve been dreaming of, Apply to stand out, and Ace The Interview Process. Stop guessing. Learn what WORKS.

Whether you’re a travel addict, a stay-at-home mom, about to graduate college, or simply just sick of the commute, this simple-to-follow process will open the magical door called “Opportunity” for you to do what you love, from wherever you want.

Your resume is not enough. That’s just the plain truth! I don’t sugarcoat things and I want you to be prepared to actually stand out in the hiring process. Lynn chose a few strategies from the course that helped her get noticed by the companies she dreamed of working for.

Q: What is your favorite way to boost your application? What worked for you?

A: “I love this part! One of my favorite things in the world is networking. I like to think I’m pretty good at finding people to make connections with (not in a slimy way of course). After applying, I started doing my homework. I went through LinkedIn, typed in the company name, and scrolled through the people who worked in the position I applied for. I think you can really get a feel for whether your personality will jive with the company by doing this. Fitting into the company culture is so important!

I also went to Facebook and searched the position I applied for in the search bar. If you do this and click on the “posts” tab, it will pull up people who have made statuses about that, which typically means they’re posting about working in that position too (ex. I went to Facebook, typed in “noom coach”, clicked on the “posts” tab, and scrolled through the posts that people made). I ended up finding 3 girls who had recently been hired for the position I applied for, so I cold messaged them (example below). This was one of the best things I could have done. One of the girls I messaged was amazing and gave me so much advice!”

Want to see an example of an initial reach out that worked?

When I asked Lynn if she had any advice for you all on tracking, she was excited to share her exact process. “If you want to land a remote job as quickly as possible, tracking your job search is non-negotiable,” she said.

In Module 3, Lynn learned how to record the details of each application sent in, so that she could actually focus on getting results from her effort.

Want to see Lynn’s tracking sheet?

Join us LIVE on Wednesday February 27th to see us break down Lynn’s tracking sheet row by row, in depth! We’ll uncover how she followed a simple process from the course in order to follow up on all of the opportunities that excited her, without getting overwhelmed.

As invites to interview started rolling in, Lynn’s choices became more important. She contacted me about an exciting, commission based opportunity that she was thinking about accepting, but didn’t know if it was the right move.

After asking her a few key questions about what she really wanted out of this job search, Lynn knew what to do.

Q: Why did you decline the other opportunities that came your way?

A: “Like I mentioned earlier, I had previously worked with Taylor in July 2017, and at that time I was so desperate for location freedom. I was willing to take anything that came my way. This time, I really wanted something that aligned with my interests, passions, and skills. I didn’t want to get burned out again from doing things that didn’t excite me.

In December, I had a really incredible opportunity come my way from an entrepreneur who was building a startup in Europe. We had my interview, talked for over an hour, and he offered me the position on the spot, which was an honor considering he’d had lots of people apply for that position. I told him I’d think about it and immediately reached out to Taylor asking for advice (there’s a course group you can write in as well). She asked me some really important “soul” questions that helped me figure out that opportunity wasn’t for me. Those were also questions I asked myself when sifting through another job offer before accepting Noom.

At the end of the day, I think we know what’s right and what isn’t, it’s just a matter of asking ourselves the hard questions and being brave enough to turn something down that doesn’t align with where we want to go.”

Wow, talk about committing to alignment! Lynn consciously made room for her dream remote role by saying no to some lower hanging fruit. What would happen to your job search if you started to do the same?

Mindset shifts are a huge part of the No Bullshit Road To Remote Work. Lynn is such a great example of the challenges that might come up in your search and how acting with absolute alignment pays off in the end.

Now, what about the interview stage? Lynn’s interview process is shown below. Notice how it’s pretty long and involved. 

Lynn’s interview with Noom went like this…

1. Submitting the initial application

2. Answering short answer questions + then recording a 1 minute video about why I would be a great fit for the position

3. Going through a 1.5 hour “Mock Coaching” Session

4. Having a 30 minute traditional interview via Zoom

5. Getting a final phone interview where I received my offer!

Q: What did it feel like when you nailed that interview?

A: Thrilling! Exhausting! I was confident in my answers and felt my personality fit the company really well, so I knew I did the best I could on my end!

All job seekers want to get to this point, right? You are about to sign a contract to work from your laptop, with people you are excited to be around (virtually), and a company that you are proud to be a part of.

But what types of things do you need to be aware of in order to successfully accept the job offer?

Q: What was going through your mind when you sign the contract?

Honestly, I was so sure that this was the right move for me, so I didn’t have any doubts when it came to accepting the offer. The most important issues for me were doing work I enjoyed, fitting into the company culture, good pay (and benefits!), and the ability to have flexible working hours. Noom ticked all those boxes which made it an easy “yes” for me! I think it’s really a matter of asking yourself what areas are important to you and finding a company that fits those answers.

In the last module of the course, you can learn how to negotiate your dream salary, get more benefits, and make changes in a contract if you need to. It’s one of the most important steps that people often want to shy away from.

Not on my watch! Get what you deserve from your new career.


Victory Dance Time!

Q: How do you feel now that you’ve landed this remote job?

A: So excited and ready to start exploring again!!!!!! (HELLO CALIFORNIA + MEXICO)

Last words of advice from Lynn

“The right fit for you is out there, I promise! In my remote job process, I’ve gotten way more “no’s” than “yes’s”, which is a good thing. All you need is one yes! I know it might seem frustrating and hopeless at times, but stay the course and focus on where you want to go. Again, the right fit for you is out there and will come at the right time. Be patient. Be persistent. You got this.

Want to go remote like Lynn? Yes?!

Register to the FREE Masterclass now!

This FREE masterclass takes you through the 4 Simple Steps to Discover the remote job you’ve been dreaming of, Apply to stand out, and Ace The Interview Process. Stop guessing. Learn what WORKS.

Whether you’re a travel addict, a stay-at-home mom, about to graduate college, or simply just sick of the commute, this simple-to-follow process will open the magical door called “Opportunity” for you to do what you love, from wherever you want.

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