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5 Ways To Attract Your Dream Remote Job - Remote Like me
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Everybody and their mother wants to land a remote job these days. People young and old, on every continent, with every skill set known to man, are applying for online work opportunities. You are one of those people who wants to get a remote job this year. (I lovingly refer to you all as “remote hopefuls”). So with so much competition, how can one amplify their chances of being chosen?

The answer is actually within!

What if you could actually become a remote work magnet, attracting your dream job to come to you, instead of lancing at any old job that smells like location freedom?


It’s my mission to show you how this works. I’m called to share this radical message with you and break it down to the most doable steps that you can start taking TODAY.

Are you ready? Let’s go through the 5 ways to attract your dream job:

1. Acceptance

2. Abundance

3. Alignment

4. Attraction, and finally..


Because you know I don’t suggest meditating on your desires and waiting for them to magically appear in front of you. This is about priming your mindset, getting aligned with what you want, creating an unstoppable point of attraction, and taking action on your remote work goals! 

If you want to know how to apply any of these strategies to your unique remote work journey, join us in the 5 Day Free Challenge “Align and Attract Your Dream Remote Job” starting April 15th. Register here!


Why does attracting your dream remote job start with acceptance of where you currently are right now? Simple! If you want to show up to the starting line of the path to achieve your goals, you’ve got to be real about what that starting line feels like.

Many of us block what we want to manifest because we are stuck on telling ourselves false stories of why we can’t have it.

Instead, accept your reality and strip away any negative story that you are attaching to it in your mind.

I’ll give you an example below.

False Story: I’m not good enough to work online.

Reality: I’ve never worked online before. I have access to tons of free resources to work on my remote work skills right now. I’m being guided by people who have worked online before. I have everything I need to succeed.

Once you’ve accepted your current reality, you can start to develop positive feelings about your starting point and your ability to achieve your goals. Without acceptance, you are stuck fighting your reality with negative feelings that 100% block your manifestation.


This is an easy one! Remote work is actually the most ABUNDANT workforce there is. Why? There are unlimited opportunities to work online, because most businesses operate online these days! Each online business needs workers to support it. More than that, there will always be an increasing amount of online business blooming each day, and therefore more supporting positions available than they day before. 

It’s the company’s choice whether to operate remotely or not, but with tools and apps to support remote teams popping up everywhere, the decision is becoming easier every day. Trust me, we have not reached the peak of remote work, and won’t for years to come. This industry is growing at an expansive rate and we can ride this wave as it picks up speed!

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the competition out there, or the lack of remote jobs that you’re finding for your skill set on any particular day, remind yourself that you’re in the most ABUNDANT workforce there is. You can choose to receive abundant remote opportunities, get connected with an abundant amount of remote workers in your online network, and negotiate an abundant salary as a solid remote candidate. I will introduce you to several tools that allow you to choose abundance on a daily basis in the 5 Day Free Challenge “Align and Attract Your Dream Remote Job” starting April 15th. Register here!


Now that you’ve accepted your starting point, and jumped through the first hoop of manifesting tons of abundance around your online career goals, it’s time to align with the right opportunities.

How do you know when you’re in alignment? Easy! You feel GOOD while you’re doing something.

Now, obviously you’re more aligned when feeling good long term, and not just experiencing instant gratification. This is why working towards your goals at a steady pace feels so good, but laying on the couch when you planned to do a job search session feels gratifying in the moment and horrible after the fact.

The amount of time you stay in alignment during your remote job search is directly impacts how quickly you can attract your dream job. *Note: you can attract lots of low level, unaligned remote jobs easily. Some of you reading this have actually done this and accepted these offers, only to find yourself completely unfulfilled, and job searching again. So let’s do it differently this time. Get aligned with what you REALLY want.

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Whew! You’ve made it this far! That means you’re ready to work with the Law of Attraction.

Attraction begins with focusing on what you want from a mindset of abundance (check!), and is successful when you become a vibrational match with what you want. The Law of Attraction is constantly at work when you’re achieving your career goals!

So let’s take advantage and show up for what we want, consistently. As soon as I started doing this, I was able to check things off of my vision board so fast! I can’t wait to show you all of my attraction tools in the 5 Day Free Challenge starting April 15th – join us!


Once you’re a vibrational match for what you want, you start attracting it into your reality. Opportunities come up all over the place and you get closer to your goals. Taking action, making important decisions, and choosing ways to present yourself best, are all so imperative to manifesting your dream job.

This includes:

  • What you write in your resume and cover letters
  • How you show up in interviews
  • The connections you make with people who can help you
  • Your confidence when negotiating a salary
  • Your ability to get past rejections easily
  • … and much more!

Those who take aligned action, even when they don’t feel like it, are the ones who go from zero to remote worker in a matter of weeks!

Are you ready to align and attract your dream remote job? Great! I’m ready to help you through these 5 important steps for FREE. Register for the challenge below. We get started on April 15th!

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