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What’s the secret sauce to building a career that you can do from anywhere?    Community!I’m not just referring to Facebook groups and local meet-ups. While these are great tools to have, there are other communities out there that you can be utilizing more. There’s...

Should You Pause Your Job Search During The Holiday Season?

An overwhelming majority of job seekers believe that December is NOT a good time to job search for many reasons. I’m here to bust this myth and prepare you for making December a month full of momentum for your 2019 career goals. Remote career blogs have chimed in on...
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Work From Any Country In The World

If there is one thing that holds people back from getting remote jobs, it’s their location… or so everyone says. Someone from Europe says that they can’t find any non US remote opportunities. Someone from Australia says that there are no available remote jobs in their...

Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Want A Remote Job In 2018

If I could wave my magic wand and save you all the time and effort of making some common mistakes along this remote journey, I would! This is the closest thing I've got to a magic wand. Below you'll find a list of the top 3 mistakes I see most often with remote...

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Remote Work Guide To Antigua

City: Antigua, Guatemala Population: 40,000 Language: Spanish (on the streets you can often hear other languages being spoken by the Indigenous population of Antigua) Weather: It’s usually never lower than 53° F or higher than 78° Remote Work Rating: ⅘ Stars My...

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Member of the Month : Melissa

February’s Member of the Month is Melissa, a VIP member who just landed a full time remote position on the marketing team for Jungle Scout. Before we hear from her, I want to give a little insight as to how Melissa got started looking for remote work, how she improved...

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Read this if you are a Multipotentialite.

If you are a Multipotentialite, you have probably gone your entire life thinking that as far as your career goes, this is a big weakness. Has a recruiter ever told you that you are too scattered or too all over the place to be considered for the job you...

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Member of the Month: Ashley

January’s Member of the Month is Ashley, a Weekly Roundup member who just landed a full time remote position as a Program Manager for an amazing non profit organization. Before we hear from her, I want to give a little insight as to how Ashley got started looking for...

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Member of the Month: Samara

  Name Samara Al Badr Location Sydney, Australia (Current Homebase) Remote Position Client Success Manager   What was your life like before landing this remote job? Why did you want to go remote? I was commuting to work from Monday - Friday, roughly about 1.5 hrs to...

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Remote Job Boards For Every Industry

When searching for a remote job, there are many strategies that can lead you to find your dream position with a remote company. One of the most popular strategies is to use online job boards, filtering through tons of jobs to see if your perfect match is there. But...

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Member of the Month: Sabrina

Our Member of the Month series is finally here! Each month I’ll be featuring a member (from any of the Remote Like Me memberships) in order to highlight their path to landing a remote career and what they did each step of the way to achieve their goal. Our first ever...

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Networking: Is It Really All About Who You Know?

The inspiration for this blog post came from YOU. Yes, you. Reading this right now. You, who is concerned about submitting a resume that stands out and actually gets a thorough look. I know how you feel! I felt it too back when I set out to get...

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