How Lynn Went Remote

Name: Lynn Hulver Current City: Mansfield, Ohio (Next: California + Mexico!) Remote Role, Company Name: Remote Coach + Goal Specialist for Noom This case study is the step-by-step process that Lynn went through in order to go from working freelancing gigs she wasn’t...

How To Improve Your Confidence And Get Hired Remotely

Before you read: Do you prefer watching a video instead of reading blog posts?Click here to watch Taylor talk about how to improve your confidence in Remote Like Me CommunitySo, your confidence needs a major boost, huh? Most of us would agree with this statement, at...

How to Avoid Remote Job Scams

Before you read: Do you prefer watching a video instead of reading blog posts?Click here to watch Taylor talk about how to avoid remote job scams in Remote Like Me CommunityYou’ve just started looking for a remote job, joined a bunch of Facebook groups about remote...

The Perks Of Remote Jobs For College Graduates

Are you going to graduate from college in 2019? Finding a job right out of University can be daunting, but we’ve got your back! Maybe you’ve considered telecommuting positions or heck - maybe you’re even a member of our Facebook group, Remote Like Me Community. The...

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Beginners Guide To Going Remote – The Do’s and Don’ts

One of the most common comments I get from remote hopefuls, is that the overwhelming amount of information and the fear of the unknown stop people from even getting started. On the other hand, those who do have the confidence and determination to get started right...

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10 Companies Offering Remote Jobs With Benefits

 Healthcare, PTO, retirement - oh my! Oh yes people. We’re talking about the big B word that seems to confuse everyone in their remote job search: Benefits!   In the Remote Like Me Community group, I see tons of questions that basically come down to the same core...

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5 Signs You’re Ready To Leave Online Teaching Behind

Are you ready to leave online teaching behind for good?   1. You started online teaching because you thought it was your golden ticket to the Digital Nomad lifestyle. You aren’t particularly interested in teaching, but you thought, “I could do this, so I will.”...

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18 Ways To Go Remote In 2018

Going remote is the thing to do in 2018. And since remote work is our forte, we decided to share 18 ways that you can go remote in 2018.     1. Get familiar with remote work You can start by getting familiar with the different types of remote work out there....

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Member of the Month Darlene

April’s Member of the Month is Darlene, a VIP member who just landed a full time, remote position as Customer Experience Specialist for TeamSnap. Before we hear from her, I’ll share the story of how Darlene started job searching, how she improved along the way, and...

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Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Want A Remote Job In 2018

If I could wave my magic wand and save you all the time and effort of making some common mistakes along this remote journey, I would! This is the closest thing I've got to a magic wand. Below you'll find a list of the top 3 mistakes I see most often with remote...

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Remote Work Guide To Antigua

City: Antigua, Guatemala Population: 40,000 Language: Spanish (on the streets you can often hear other languages being spoken by the Indigenous population of Antigua) Weather: It’s usually never lower than 53° F or higher than 78° Remote Work Rating: ⅘ Stars My...

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Member of the Month : Melissa

February’s Member of the Month is Melissa, a VIP member who just landed a full time remote position on the marketing team for Jungle Scout. Before we hear from her, I want to give a little insight as to how Melissa got started looking for remote work, how she improved...

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Read this if you are a Multipotentialite.

If you are a Multipotentialite, you have probably gone your entire life thinking that as far as your career goes, this is a big weakness. Has a recruiter ever told you that you are too scattered or too all over the place to be considered for the job you...

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