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Self Paced Courses

If you love getting all the information up front and
implementing changes independently,
we’ve got courses for you!


The No Bullshit Road to Remote Work

The No BS Road To Remote Work is Remote Like Me’s signature course that teaches strategies on how to find remote work, including freelance gigs, full time + part time positions on remote teams, and other types of contract work.

Throughout 7 course modules of videos and worksheets, you’ll learn where to find these opportunities, how to get noticed by remote companies, and how to land the job every time. Each module builds upon the last, creating your focused path to becoming a remote worker. You can move at your own pace, completing the modules whenever you want to, however there are recommended time lines given.

Say goodbye to the guessing game! This is the action plan you need to finally get that remote job of your dreams.

Resume Reboot

A complete guide to customizing your resume for the remote job of your dreams! Learn from examples of what works, guided tutorials, and motivation from me in order to turn your resume into something that gets you invited to interviews. Complete the worksheets, strengthen your mindset, and follow the step by step instructions to creating a standout resume that gets you hired ASAP!

Resume Overhauls

Just need a resume fix up to apply to the job/industry you’ve already got in mind? Purchase a resume overhaul from Taylor and receive a 15 minute recorded run down of what changes you need to make in order to land the job of your dreams. Resume overhauls are proven to get results fast! Click the “Learn More” button below to view an example overhaul.



Darlene transformed her resume and got hired for a full time remote position!

Getting Started Products

Jump Start Your Remote Job Search Bundle  

This 4 part bundle is designed to jump start your remote job search without wasting your precious time. Learn through quick video trainings and PDF worksheets to maximize your job search from the get go.

Ebook “Working Remotely For Online Brands” 

This ebook will walk you through the details of what this remote job entails, how to find and land these jobs, plus how to rock your new role! It’s a mix between reading information, real life stories of remote workers, and step by step worksheets to follow. Dive into this 20 page ebook today and finally go remote on your own terms!

Free Resources

“Sick of the frustrating remote job search?”

“Even getting rejected for positions that you’re more than qualified for?”

“Don’t know where to find jobs that align with your lifestyle desires AND your experience?”

I’ve coached so many people from this feeling of frustration to their first remote roles with EASE, that I’ve realized where most candidates go wrong.

It’s in the very first step of the journey! It’s time to stop the madness. I’m here to help.

Find out more in my free masterclass.

Remote Like Me Community

Join the Facebook group for free live trainings during special events, weekly tips from Taylor, and to connect with 6,000 other remote hopefuls.

How She Does It

How She Does It is where I interview my real life friends who work remotely. This advice is invaluable!

Free Video Vault

Collection of important video trainings that I’ve done for free. Enjoy!


What’s It Like Working With Taylor?

“Taylor’s coaching affirmations were absolutely key to keeping my head up and myself motivated to find a great online job, even after rejection. She helped me take the job search step-by-step and taught me how to find a career that I love. She really listened to my concerns and offered personalized encouragement tailored to my personality and skills.”

~ Michael

“I loved my Resume Overhaul”

I liked my resume overhaul because I can watch it on my own time, I don’t have to coordinate schedules, and my tired eyes don’t have to read another email. Taylor presents her thoughts in an organized manner and that was so helpful along with seeing the resume we were looking at. Really well done.


“My favorite part was the straightforward honesty”

I LOVED it! I can’t believe I didn’t get this help sooner. My favorite part was the straightforward honesty and what to look for in a job description and how to tailor your resume accordingly!


“The best investment I have made in myself in the last 5 years.”

Taylor probed into the heart of what I really wanted for my life and future and she truly heard me. She allowed me to be completely honest about what I want, and what I don’t, with absolutely no judgment. Taylor inspired me to pursue jobs in my dream field and to share my creative work. She suggested jobs I liked but didn’t think I was qualified for, pointing out previous experience that proved I was entirely suited for the job. She taught me how to make employers interested in me and how to customize myself to each job. More importantly, Taylor made me fearless. I have been applying for jobs I would never have applied to before.”


“I thought I already knew about tailoring the resume & cover letter, but you had so many more tips, I’d been a professional in the US for 15-20 years at that point, but you talked about so many little things I’d never thought of but were like beacons of reason.”

~ Jennifer

“Taylor Lane helped me find the perfect remote position, which gave me the freedom to quit my corporate job. She assisted me throughout the entire process including completing my application, updating my cover letter, coaching me through correspondence with my future employer, and the interview process. Without Taylor and the support of her Facebook group, I would never have had the confidence to really ‘go for’ this new opportunity. Thanks to Taylor I am now working remotely as a Virtual Research Assistant and have started making plans to travel the world.”

~ Jude

Taylor was a huge influence in helping me initially believe it was possible to actually work remotely, and to get my mindset right, and I’m really forever grateful for that!

~ Skyler (Freelance Writer & VA)

I enjoy the VIP group because you get special treatment on the group calls and even more support by the members as you already get from the Remote Like Me group. I just LOVE it!

~ Sabrina (Remote Project Manager + Marketing Assistant)