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Job Searching - Remote Like me
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Job Searching


Where are all the remote jobs??!!
Below is a video and tons of written content from one section of my course. I decided to give it to you guys (my paying members) because you deserve all the help I can give. It’s all laid out nicely in this format, so I hope you take full advantage of it! Get job searching!



Strategy #1
Social Media

Facebook Groups

This is my #1 strategy that I use time and time again. I find gigs for my freelance writing this way, Jade found her full time VA job, and countless others have used it to land a remote job. How can you do it too? It’s all laid out in this step by step guide, from finding Facebook groups that are worth joining, to proper networking tips. Read the entire thing in detail and start implementing them ASAP!

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This strategy is actually how I found my first remote job! I kind of stumbled upon it, but now realize how it can be used strategically to seek out remote opportunities. My members have tried it and reported that it’s remarkable! Way better than just scrolling aimlessly through your feed if you ask me.

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Twitter Lists

I’ve never been an avid Twitter user but there is one thing no one can deny: it’s a goldmine for networking, business ventures, and limitless opportunity. These steps go through how to use Twitter lists like a job board. I explain everything in basic terms with this guide, but if you’re already a pro Twitter user, you’ll find this super easy!


Strategy #2 
Small/Niche Job Boards

Get off of big search engines!

Most people think that using a big job search engine like Flexjobs or Indeed, and specifying remote/virtual in the filter, is going to bring all of the jobs right to your door. This method has failed so many people and wasted so much time that I strongly advise against it. We’re going to try something different here.

Find smaller job boards.

Smaller job boards will give you much better results in a shorter amount of time. I will give you some ideas in various industries to start with:

– Remote.co
– Freelancewritinggigs.com
– Travelme.world
– Weworkremotely.com
– Remoteworkhub.com

Find a forum/job board in your niche.

Why do those smaller job boards work? Because you know that all jobs posted there are remote positions. You don’t have to sift through the mistakes that a big search engine gives you. What’s even better is if you can find a job board in your niche. What do I mean by that? One example would be a job board for social media management. Try it!

Strategy #3 
Searching Within Job Listings

Find an initial job listing . . .

I have an obsession with this strategy. This is the strategic version of “when life gives you lemons… make lemonade.” When you land on a job listing that you like, scroll down to the requirements or preferences section. 

Notice these things:

See which tools/software they want you to have some experience in. For example, this is a job for copy writing and the listing asks for some experience with MailChimp for newsletter creation, Trello for task management, and Zoom for virtual team meetings. 

Look up the company and open positions.

Grab those three tools, go to their websites and see if THEY are hiring. Most of the time, the tools that remote teams need to use, hire remotely as well. If they are not hiring at the moment, make a note of their website and check back in a few weeks.

Strategy #4 
Searching by Company/Service

Brainstorm a list . . .

What apps, programs, software, etc. do you use every single day? What programs make your life easier when completing projects, connecting with friends online, or digitally documenting your life? Write them all down. The beginning of my list might look like this:
– Canva
– PicMonkey
– Slack
– Calendly 
– WordPress
– Google docs
– Zoom

Broaden your search.

Look up all of these apps, tools, and software to see if they hire remotely. Most of them will. When you find a company you like, find ALL competitors for this one company. Open up new tabs to search for every competitor you can think of. If you don’t know of any rival companies, just google search! For example, I just typed “Calendly competitors” and found a whole comparison sheet of competing companies like Calendly. What I would do now is research each one of them.

Are they hiring?

Go directly to the about, team, or careers page for each company. Don’t know where to find it? It’s either in the top headings of the website, or way down at the bottom in the footer. If you cannot find their careers page anywhere on the website, just put in the company name and the word “jobs” or “careers” into a google search. For example, if I could not find any career page for Calendly, I’d google search this: “Calendly jobs.”

Strategy #5 
Searching with Google

Am I a hypocrite? Google is my homie.

I just told you to stay off of huge search engines, I know. However, there is one search engine that is KING. Google. Yes, I want you to use Google. The magic is all in how you use it.

The right phrases will bring you to the gold.

If you type specific phrases into Google, it will lead you to gold mines of remote jobs. Here are some example phrases to get you started:

– companies hiring remotely 2017
– why hire remotely
– trendy remote teams
– the best company cultures 2017
– (your industry) remote teams

Some of these results will lead you to lists of companies that you can then research for open positions. Some will lead you to articles about remote work and include quotes from CEO’s of companies that hire remotely. You can research the companies who are quoted as well.

Make Google work for you, not against you!

Google is so smart that it learns your behavior on a daily basis. If you are consistent enough with this online job search, Google will find better, more specific results for you each time. If you are narrowing your search down daily, you will even start to see relevant links and opportunities come up on your Facebook and Instagram feed. That’s what you want! Let Google do the work for you. Each week I spend a few hours searching for remote jobs when I put together the Weekly Roundup. Because of this consistency, Google puts together awesome results for me now, but that wasn’t the case when I started. Be consistent.