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Lauren Lucore - Remote Like me
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Welcome to the latest edition of How She Does It, where I interview my real life friends who work remotely. Each female has a different story of how she got her job, how she lives her remote lifestyle, and what advice she wants to give other girls. For How She Does It #10, I interviewed the creative, blogging business queen, Lauren Lucore.

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Lauren and I met in Bali at a blogging retreat with The BlondeAbroad. Lauren was a powerhouse of information on everything business as well as blogging. I was so inspired by how many skills she taught herself and how much she had helped Kiersten accomplish. Together, they make the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work” very accurate. Hear about how she got her job and what they’ve been up too since.

Name, Age: Lauren Lucore, 25

Job: Creative Director at The Blonde Abroad

Current Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Tell us a little bit about what you are doing at the moment!

At the moment, I’ve joined Kiersten, The Blonde Abroad, in Cape Town to work on some exciting creative projects we’re taking on this year, and helping to coordinate our South Africa Photography Tours this March.

Let’s dive in to how you got your job with The Blonde Abroad. Was it something you applied for?

It’s funny, it feels like a lifetime ago, but right after I graduated college I knew I wanted to do something that was travel-related. I hadn’t traveled much internationally but planned my college degree around hospitality and tourism because I knew it was something I eventually wanted to pursue. I was planning my post-grad Europe backpacking trip when I came across Kiersten’s blog and saw that she too was from San Diego, had gone to school there, and seemed to be living a pretty awesome life.

I reached out and emailed her my interest, my praise and sent along my resume and work experience. I had worked 8 different jobs through college, and each of them gave me some sort of skill in marketing and social media so I felt like I could offer some assistance to her, plus get to enter the world of travel.

About a month later she replied to my email, letting me know that I was the first girl that had ever sent her a resume and she was impressed. She hadn’t been looking for help, but it was kind of at a pivotal moment for her personally, when she was deciding whether to continue the blog, and so she realized that in order to make the jump she needed someone to help. Shortly after that she asked me to come onboard and intern with her! So that’s where it all started.

What were you doing before you got your current job and how long have you been working with theBlondeAbroad?

During college, I thought if I could get a great job at a hotel, I could transfer to any hotel in the world! So that’s what I did. Turns out, working front desk customer service wasn’t my favorite thing to do (people can be so angry lol). I moved into wedding and event coordination at a luxury hotel in San Diego and I loved it  — I think I’d still be doing that if Kiersten hadn’t offered me a full time position with The Blonde Abroad.

I worked as an intern for Kiersten for about a year, while working full-time at the hotel, and then the business side of the blog and brand partnerships started to pick up so much that she needed me full-time. She made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Awesome! What has been the most challenging part of working for The Blonde Abroad?

I’ve been working remotely ever since starting with The Blonde Abroad, but it was my first time having a remote job so the most challenging part at first was figuring out how to manage my time, be able to work efficiently on my own, set a routine and not sleep half the day away!

Now, I think the biggest challenge is just getting everything done! We’re so busy, with multiple projects going on all the time, that it really is a full-time job, 7 days a week. It requires a lot of commitment and passion to continue in a job like this.

When Kiersten asked you to quit your job and work for her full time were you worried about job security or anything?

To be honest, I don’t think I even thought about that. I was just was excited. I’m the type of person who gets excited about change and so I just jumped at the opportunity. I knew I could go back and get a hotel or events job anytime.

You know a thing or two about running a successful business and blog. Do you have a great tip you can share with us?

I think there are a few big things I’ve learned from helping to run a multi-level business.

First, dedication. If you want to create a successful blog, you need a whole lotta passion and you have to be in it for more than just free products or a free trip every few months, otherwise it’s guaranteed you’ll burn yourself out. Understand that it requires steadfast dedication and TIME to build an empire.

Second, you can always make it better. I’m very much a laid back person–I have strains of Type B that run through my Type A work ethic, so sometimes I’m just good with “whatever”. But growing in a creative position like this, alongside a creative like Kiersten, and learning more about content creation has taught me that you can always (and should always) strive for exactly what you want, and not to settle for mediocre.

Third, stay authentic. When you grow an audience or business, it’s easy to get distracted from the reasons you started the business (or blog) in the first place. Stick to your roots, and if something feels off-brand or just isn’t your thing, don’t force it.

Did you have any experience doing this sort of thing before working with Kiersten?

Nope! I honestly didn’t even realize being a blogger could be a career, let alone realize I could have a career working for a blogger!

Do you have any tips on how girls could get start managing bloggers like you do?

I think the first step is reach out just like you would for a “real job”. You need to treat a blogger just like any other employer, because they are running a business. Send a resume and cover letter and let your previous hard work and experience show them that you’re a good fit for their brand too.

Has working for a travel blogger inspired you to travel more? What is your favorite place you have been?

Oh definitely! I’ve also been able to travel places I might not have otherwise been able to, or even thought of traveling. on my own.

I absolutely love French Polynesia and I can’t wait to go back. One of my first press trips with Kiersten was to Croatia, and the northern region called Istria, and it’s still high on my list — amazing seafood, olive oil and beautiful sights.

You can follow along Lauren’s adventure on Instagram!

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