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Praise - Remote Like me
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I’ve worked with Taylor before and know her process works, so I bought this course as soon as she put it on the market. I’m so impressed with how well she goes into detail on all things related to remote job searching – she really holds nothing back. I’ve been job searching and applying for about 3 weeks now, and because of this course I’ve already heard back from 4 companies. Amazing!

– Lynn Hulver

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Taylor’s Resume Reboot program, but it’s AMAZING! It got me a call back and an interview with incredible remote company for a job I wasn’t technically qualified for. Taylor knows her stuff!

Rayven Michelle

I enjoyed being a VIP member because of the one-on-one attention. I knew that I had it in me to be a free bird and work anywhere I wanted to with my laptop in tow, but Taylor and the other members gave me that extra little boost I needed. I would highly recommend the VIP group to anyone looking to go remote, even if you’ve done it before.

Kaitlyn Huffman, VP of Customer Support

Remote Like Me taught me that there are so many opportunities out there and that I just need to keep applying until I find the right fit for me. Also, it showed me the skills I needed to create a great remote work resume, to apply properly and to interview remotely. Lastly, Taylor is a huge motivator and an amazing mentor. When you see her smiling face so excited about these jobs, how can you not be excited too?

Athena Petrou, Operations and Production Manager 

Real talk from Taylor in RLM made it really click in my brain that people DO get real jobs working remotely. It’s the real deal! It’s not a gimmick, MLM, or teaching english online at 3AM. Taylor gives you a loving kick in the ass to realize that the life you want to live working remotely is absolutely achievable.

Marci Miller, Business Doula

I was already working remotely prior to Taylor’s program but I am paid at a lower rates because of where I am from. While in Taylor’s VIP program I was accepted into the Content Castle, and was able to get a job that pays me “US rate” even if I am from Asia and I was also able to get myself a raise with the first job. Also the one thing Remote Like Me taught me was to be more confident and being EXTRA in my job applications. Her modules also taught me to apply smartly.

Lyra EA, Project Manager

Prior to joining Remote Like Me, I was applying for remote jobs left and right for about a year with no bite.  But after joining the group, I realized I needed to make some changes not only to my resume, but how I presented myself in interviews.  I gained a lot of confidence and it really showed when interviewing for positions. I enjoy the VIP Group so much because All of the trainings, feedback, and support were priceless.  After applying to jobs for over a year before landing my last office job, I knew that I could not go at this alone this time around.  So I shopped around for coaches/assistance. The Remote Like Me Community was exactly what I needed. However, I wanted more help and more attention.  Then, Taylor introduced me to the VIP group and I never looked back.

Darlene Branco, Customer Experience Specialist