Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

I was lucky enough to get to know this small city for a few weeks in April of this year. I had no idea how much I’d fall in love with the streets, the people, and of course, the beach. Ever since then, I’ve been acting like a one woman campaign for all digital nomads to spend time in Las Palmas. In this guide I’ll share the special places I discovered during my time at the Digital Nomad Girls retreat and exploring solo. I’ll cover where you can eat, work, and play while making solid connections with a great community.

City: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Population: 375,000 people
Language: Spanish
Weather: With a yearly average of 75 Fahrenheit, many claim that Las Palmas has the best climate in the world. It’s always breezy, sunny, and beautiful with a tropical feel.
Remote Work Rating: ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ (5 out of 5 stars)


The Couple

If you’re in a beautiful beach town like Las Palmas,
there’s no reason to be stuck inside working! The Couple
is a cute cafe that has indoor and outdoor seating,
conveniently located right on the boardwalk of Playa de
Las Canteras (the main beach). I happily worked here
for hours, drinking tea and a full breakfast in the morning
followed by spicy Bloody Mary’s and a healthy salad in the
afternoon. Some of my happiest memories from Las Palmas
include sitting on that patio, smelling the sea breeze, and
taking in the sunshine on my skin. Ahhh… I’m smiling right
now just thinking about it. This cafe is always buzzing and
can sometimes create a delay in getting served, but it never
bothered me much. There’s something about the relaxing,
cozy space that puts your mind at ease. The wifi connection
is great- and be prepared to laugh when you ask for the
network name and password. I did a YouTube interview and
recorded a Facebook live from the couch in the back and
never had connection issues. Victory!

Cafe Regina
Are you a coffee fanatic? Come to Cafe Regina in the heart of Las Palmas and enjoy their coffee sourced from Colombia. The cafe has a cute atmosphere, with television monitors on the walls displaying images and videos of their Colombian coffee farms. The wait staff were very helpful, recommending vegetarian options on the menu, and serving our food and drinks quickly. The food was delicious and the wifi connection was great. What more do you need?

Casa Suecia
I’ve heard wonderful things about this Swedish style cafe. My friend Jeneane loves Casa Suecia for the tea, coffee, and cakes, especially the almond cake! If you’re a lover of all things sweet, check it out.

Coworking Spaces


Just gonna say it loud and proud: I LOVE THIS PLACE! Restation is a coworking and coliving experience a few blocks from the beach in Las Palmas. The space and programs are run by a fabulous woman named Maria, who gives every single coworker personal attention to make your experience amazing. I did the full coliving and coworking experience at Restation and would recommend the same to anyone else looking to make genuine connections, have a blissful place to stay, and work alongside like-minded individuals. The living spaces are small apartments located within a few blocks of the coworking space. It’s got an autonomous feel instead of the usual hostel or hotel situation. Maria took care of any concerns while I stayed there and made sure I knew of all the community events taking place in town. Scroll down to the Community section of this guide to read about the events hosted by Restation. The coworking space itself, is located in the middle of many popular cafes and restaurants and is a short walk to the beach. Talk about a nice work break! The space is setup to accommodate many different types of workers, with a stand up bar, comfy couches, group and individual desks, and even a small, noise canceling, hut in the corner for video calls or silent work. I honestly cannot recommend Restation enough!

Sopa Azul

If you’re a creative looking for an inspired, spacious, and modern coworking space, Sopa Azul is the place for you. I was invited for a free guest day at this beautiful coworking space and really enjoyed my time there. The staff are welcoming and friendly, the coworkers there are inspiring, and the space itself screams possibility! When you walk into Sopa Azul, you immediately see art, projects, and materials all around. It is a big open space with multiple floors. I loved working at the large group table. Sopa Azul is located at the most northern point of Canteras beach. On my way there, I walked along the boardwalk for twenty minutes, taking in the beautiful ocean and cute shops, and had some time to think about what I wanted to accomplish once I arrived. Although I only worked there for one day during my time in Las Palmas, I highly recommend it. Jeneane, a friend I met there, loved working from Sopa Azul and made some great professional connections there.

New Coworking Space Alert: Go Coworking
Lastly, I’d like to quickly mention that there is a new coworking space in town called Go Coworking. From what I can tell, it is making a big splash in Las Palmas so go check it out! They offer a free day to get to know the space and their staff on a trial basis.

Where To Stay


My #1 pick is obviously Restation! If you don’t want a coworking and coliving experience, skip down to the next suggestions of hostels. I’ve already stated why I highly recommend it in the Coworking Spaces section above, but I’ll go into a little bit more detail about the apartment I stayed in. I was very happy with the apartment building, the layout of the rooms, and the interior decor. To be honest, I always expect furnished apartments to be a bit outdated but this apartment has modern decor, colors that brighten your day, and all of the appliances you need. Doing my laundry right in the apartment was like luxury I hadn’t had in a long time! Other small details I loved: tiny balconies to stand on when you want some fresh air and clean spacious bathrooms with hot water! Anyone who travels frequently knows how life changing these little details can be.

Lua Lua

If you’re a hostel goer there are many options in Las Palmas, but Lua Lua is the only one that will make you feel at home. I am obsessed with this hostel, the family vibe, and the memories I made there. The owner, Francesca is caring, easy going, and helpful with anything you need (even down to planning excursions and knowing your way around town). The volunteer staff make you feel right at home and through events, music, and silly moments hanging around the hostel, you gain genuine friends. They host family dinners and rooftop music session on Wednesdays, which is usually followed by a group walk on the beach. While I was there, they even created an Easter Egg hunt for those who wanted to have a little fun on the holiday. The hostel is clean, the water is hot, and the kitchen is fully stocked! Located just minutes from the beach, it’s my #1 recommendation for hostels in Las Palmas.

Columbus Hostel in Vegueta

If you’re not staying near Canteras beach, Vegueta is a great option. Vegueta, the old town in Las Palmas, is about a 15 minute drive from Canteras beach (where most of the places I mention in this guide are located) and home to beautiful, historical streets and buildings that are a must see! I loved staying a few nights in this part of Las Palmas because it’s rich in culture and speckled with amazing, traditional restaurants. When staying in Vegueta, I recommend Colombus Hostel. It looks like any other historical building on the street, so it can be hard to find when you arrive. After entering and climbing a flight of stairs, you walk into a cute hostel with high ceilings and a full kitchen. The rooms have big, spacious bunkbeds all the way to the ceiling. Also, the staff were very friendly and helpful.


Digital Nomad Meetups

There are plenty of pre-planned and spontaneous meetups for remote workers all year round. I went to a get together with several remote workers from different coworking spaces in the city, at Malasana. We drank some beer, snacked on chips, and exchanged stories. It was low key and just what I needed. There are more organized meetups listed here.

Creative Breakfast Club

Every Wednesday at 9:00 am, Restation hosts Creative Breakfast that is open to everyone. There is always a quick 5 minute presentation on a topic to get the conversation going, and then participants are free to mingle, discuss, and eat pastries as they please. An amazing day to start the work day, I think. Do you?

Tapas Night

Each and every Thursday night in Las Palmas, people flock to the old town in Vegueta for amazing food and drinks at a low price. Tapas Night is a MUST DO, so much so that you might want to build your trip around having time for this event. What’s so amazing about it? Imagine walking down moonlit, cobblestone streets, mingling with friends and acquaintances, trying delicious tapas and wine for €1 or €2. Wear comfortable shoes, as it’s best to hop between places until the night ends. Tapas Night is one of my favorite memories from my time spent in Las Palmas.

Digital Nomad Events

It seems that every month, there is a rather popular DN event going on in Las Palmas. It’s incredible for connecting with international people, learning new skills, and discovering new resources. Most recently, Las Palmas hosted Nomad City, an annual nomad festival, and kicked off the start to Nomad Cruise. It’s clear that this city is becoming a digital nomad hive. The question is, will you be there to experience the buzz?

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