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It’s been a few weeks since I interviewed someone about how this remote lifestyle really works. We’re back with another edition of How She Does It featuring the wonderful Zsanett Kovacs, a graphic designer and creative producer.

But first, as always, a quick story about how we met. Zsanett and I met before our remote lifestyles began, in the one suspecting place where all blondes meet and become besties… the bar. However, our story is a bit different. We were both bartending and traveling around, trying to figure out a better way to afford the lifestyle we loved. Through many conversations, encouragement, and late night shifts, we both started our digital careers. I’m so proud to be friends with this talented lady!

Whether you’re an aspiring graphic designer, a struggling freelancer, or just someone who needs to hear that it can be done, we can all learn a lot from her story.

Zsanett Kovacs, 34
Graphic Designer / Creative Producer
Originally from: Hungary

What made you want to transition into a digital career?
I always liked the idea of working in the digital industry but it wasn’t until a few months into my South America trip that I felt it’s definitely what I wanted to do. I wanted to carry on exploring and had to come up with a solution to support myself. This strong desire to be able to work from anywhere and everywhere was the push I needed to finally take action.

Why graphic design?
As I was researching the remote work options I realized that I was leaning more and more towards something that has both a creative and a technical aspect. For me, graphic design has the perfect mix of structure and freedom to be creative.
I’ve also been doing photography for a couple of years now and thought with graphic design they wold complement each other nicely.
Lastly, my oldest friend is a graphic/web designer too and I knew I’d have his support if I ever felt stuck. So, just like with most of my decisions, it was a mix of intuition and trying to be rational.

How long did the process take to launch your career?
A year and a half.

How did it feel putting this dream into an action plan? Were there any obstacles that came up?
I had a plan and I was executing it one step at a time. I think being 31 at the time really helped because I knew myself enough to know what works for me and what doesn’t.
Of course there were doubters. Some of my friends and family tried to tell me I shouldn’t do this because there are already too many graphic designers or they would say, “are you sure you are talented enough?” and I can’t say these didn’t touch me at all. I had ups and downs and periods of self-doubt but those always passed. Nowadays, Im dealing with the usual challenges of a new career, trying to get the pricing right, time management etc.

When you started to come up with your pricing, where did you go for inspiration? How did you come up with the numbers?
I googled, read blogs and tips, and googled again. There’s also a Facebook group for the students of the course I was doing and the question was asked there multiple times too. So I followed the tips, links, and comments posted by others. I still don’t think I have it right but with every new project I’m a little closer.

How much time do you dedicate to work? Do you still find time to do other things?
I probably work more than what the remote working lifestyle “ads” are suggesting. But I believe that in every new job – let alone new career –  the first 6 months are crucial. I’m on month 3 so I’m going full steam, focused and hungry for more work, more experience, more exposure, and learning new skills. I’m trying to take one full day off per week and use my evenings to do other things.

When do you feel the most productive?
It varies greatly but it’s usually after breakfast and my morning coffee or from late afternoon till about 11pm. It could also be after an inspiring article or great conversation or when I’m in a place with no internet (this only works for certain projects and for limited time). I am always productive after a nice walk or any sort of exercise and after watching a few minutes of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos.

What are your business goals for the rest of this year?
My plan is to continue building a diverse, high-quality portfolio, reach and maintain my target monthly revenue, and have 2 full days off per week to focus on some personal projects.

Fun Fact: Zsanett takes on a mix of virtual and local clients from her current home base of Antigua, Guatemala.

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